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Sandi Thom Is Sad No One Likes Her Music


Written by Jack Blocker
13 Friday 13th November 2015

You'll probably remember Sandi Thom for her song 'I Wish I Was a Punk Rocker.' It was big hit back in 2006, largely thanks to her grassroots self promotion. Here was an up-and-coming musician, building a fanbase by live-streaming acoustic performances from her basement in Tooting. The nation loved it. We faithfully logged on to Myspace to watch her, eventually getting the track to number 1, where it stayed for several weeks. 

Except this narrative was industry generated. Thom would have needed a super-computer and hundreds of thousands of pounds to stream to the amount of viewers she claimed were watching. It was a PR stunt. She was a fraud, she was already signed, and she was made famous by a song in which she literally absolves herself of her responsibility to make good pop music. Lily Allen really hated her though, so that's a reason to root for her.

Recently, Thom's latest track, 'Earthquake,' was rejected from the Radio 2 playlist. She uploaded this tearful video as a response:

Let's not slag her off too much. Sure, it was probably unreasonable to upload the video, but all of us are guilty of acting without reason during our lowest ebbs. I'll admit that when I first watched it I LOL'd. Not only did this woman make one of the worst songs of the past decade, she also appears to sport a bizarre sense of entitlement. On top of this, she seems more concerned with satisfying a format than creating good music. So fuck her. But after another watch I felt a bit worse. I think she's in the midst of a genuine breakdown.

Oddly, this story will probably lead to more exposure for 'Earthquake' than even one spin by Ken Bruce between rounds of Pop Master. I'd like to say it's not that bad, but I can't. This is the B-side of an X-Factor runner-up's second single, and even that's generous.

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