Searching for the Perfect Beat: Future Bubblers


Written by Rupert Douglas
22 Friday 22nd May 2015

Through Future Bubblers, Brownswood is giving under the radar talent from across the UK the chance to apply for a year of talent development and industry mentorship from leading figures within the music industry. The project launched in Nottingham last month (the first of two of the project’s focus cities, with Salford being the second) and Wednesday was a chance for anyone interested to hear more about the project as well as get a little taster of the sort of music the Future Bubblers team is seeking. 

First up on stage were the Manchester-based trio Free Wize Men. Their distinctive Manchester twang instantly brought comparisons between the trio and fellow Manchester heads Black Josh and Skittles. Their set was a showcase of their forward thinking hip-hop sound intertwined with elements of grime, something that could set them a part in a scene dominated by a select few heavy hitters, namely the High Focus crew. The guys brought the charisma of seasoned veterans and their confidence on stage defied their 17 years underlining how these guys are definitely a crew to watch for the future. 

Second up was the DMC finalist El Statiko, who showcased his collection of old school hip-hop cuts mixed together with his impressive turntable skills. The combination of “Scenario” expertly brought into Lords of the Underground’s “Chief Rocka” highlighted El Statiko’s skills and emphasized why there is a need to keep the art of turntablism alive.  

The seven-piece Pareidolia, who boast an eclectic sound that draws influences from jazz and garage through to ska and breakbeat, were next up on the stage. Throughout their set a diverse cluster of influences can be heard, from Matthew Halsall to Andreya Triana, resulting in an outfit that look to be a really exciting prospect for the future. The band meandered their way through a goosebump-inducing six track set and received the loudest and most rapturous applause of the evening. 

After Pareidolia we had to draw the evening to an abrupt end, which resulted in us missing the set from Contours, however we are sure this will not be the last we see of them and the Future Bubblers team in the rainy city. 

Check out the video intro by Gilles to get an insight into the project overview:

Applications are open until the 7tth of August for artists who wish to join the scheme and more information on the project and how to apply can be found at

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