Written by Dan Hampson
05 Monday 05th December 2011

When did you guys meet and start collaborating on tracks?

We've been friends for around eight years now but we've never really made music together seriously until Sepalcure. After playing shows and throwing events (CassetteNYC and Percussion Lab) together for years, while Praveen's girlfriend, Sougwen, was away in Europe, we decided to use that extra free time to start a new project.

It was always just for fun - not even meant to be released - until people started showing interest. Our chemistry in the studio is really what makes it possible.

Sepalcure - Pencil Pimp (Official Music Video) from Hotflush Recordings on Vimeo.

You both create music and play shows individually, how do you balance your time between Sepalcure and Braille (Praveen) and Machinedrum (Travis) ?

Honestly, it makes a lot more sense now that we're in different countries. We have a very specific amount of set time to work on Sepalcure music so we're always hungry and ready when that time comes.

Where do your individual influences converge and are there any sounds/genres you disagree on?

Both of our tastes have a ton of similarities. We first met while we were both working on music in the IDM scene so I guess that's where our tastes converged. These days though, we're all over the map. Praveen never really got deep into the industrial / noise scene so I guess that's a sound we might disagree on.

UK and US sounds meet and diverge at strange points; you manage to blend the two seamlessly. What were your earliest encounters with the UK bass music scene?

Around 2007 / 2008 Praveen started raving about dance music coming out of the UK at the time. Artists such as Pangaea, Untold, Mount Kimbie, Martyn & TRG were either emerging or shifting styles and were a huge motivator for us to start working on a more dance focused project.

I think the Martyn remix of TRG's "Broken Heart" was the moment we realized this new dance music sound was taking things in a really interesting and emotive direction.

On the same theme, would you play a different club set to a US crowd than to an English/European one?

Not really, There might be a few tracks we would swap depending on who else we're playing with.

What appealed to you about the album format?

There's more room to explore a sound than an EP. We've both released albums in the past so it was always something we wanted to do. There has never been a goal for our sound as Sepalcure - we're glad people will get to hear a larger collection of songs and not base expectations of us based on four tracks.

Did you sit down with the aim of creating a cohesive body of music with a specific order in mind or did you piece it together as you made the tracks?

The album might sound cohesive, but it's more to do with the fact that we had such a short time in the studio together to work on it. We basically wrote the album in two weeks. Our process in the studio is really improvisational so we didn't preplan anything. We'd like to think that worked out for the better!

What can we expect from the album? Travis, you’ve been exploring the Footwork movement with Machinedrum, will any of that bleed into the Sepalcure stuff?

There's a load of influences in there from Praveen's love affair with House and Detroit Techno to Travis' recent explorations of the Juke sound. Theres also a lot of unexpected stuff in there - live acoustic guitar, rhodes, synth work, slow jams...

Is there anyone else in NYC doing a similar kind of thing to you guys that we should check out?

Gotta shout out our homeboy FaltyDL. Drew's one of the most talented producers working in the NY scene right now for sure.

Sepalcure is out now, get a copy from the official Hotflush store here..

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