Seth Troxler


Written by Charlotte Wigham
22 Sunday 22nd April 2012

Where are you now?

In a hotel room in Glasgow. I’m playing at the Sub Club tonight and it’s Amos from Waifs and Strays’ stag do. I’ve never been on one before. There won’t be any tying him to lampposts or strippers or anything like that though! It’s just going to be a bunch of guys in a techno club.

What are you working on at the moment?

Right now I’m focusing on A&R for the label. We’re setting up some really cool stuff with Subb-an, and we’ve got some great albums coming out, something with Nicolas Jaar, the Footprintz album. I’m also working on a remix of Blood Orange.

Who would you most like to remix next?

It’s cool because I got to remix two of my heroes already- David Lynch and Tracey Thorn. New Order ‘Thieves Like Us’ is one of my favourite tracks. That was the soundtrack to my high school years. There are so many, but maybe also Beat Happening- this folky, post-punk band that made my favourite (eponymous) album of all time. I love that kind of naive sound. Their songs are about teen love, with this rad artwork. It’s nice, you know? Music should be like having a massage.

Photo by Axl Jansen

What’s the last record you bought?

I just went record shopping today and bought this awesome record- King Creosote and Jon Hopkins ‘Diamond Mine Jubilee’. Hey, can we maybe talk about, like, personal stuff? I’ve been talking about music all day..

Personal it is. What’s the best sex you have ever had?

Ha! My number one would be this fling I had in Berlin one summer. We had sex basically everywhere; it was kind of young, and free, and a little bit dirty. I think there are different kinds of love and sexual experiences, but the best relationships are where they’re your best friend, who you also have that sexual chemistry with. That’s the goal.

I heard you were getting married.

Yeah, but unfortunately I just came out of that relationship. I need to get laid!

But you’re a DJ - surely it’s easy for you to get laid?

Everyone thinks that, but no. You don’t want to have sex with groupies. It’s like, if that’s what they came there for, it can’t happen. There needs to be some magic- you know?

Are you a tits or an ass man?

I’m a vagina guy. Personality and smile come first, then it’s all about the vaginas. Vaginas and mouths! They’re the main show, right? I love making out, or ‘snogging’ as you would say. There should be more of that! Keep that shit PG, you know!

As well as snogging, you also love cooking..

YES. I won the ADE 2011 DJ Cook-off with my secret family barbecue sauce recipe, and we’re thinking of doing some pop-ups with my friend’s meat truck, maybe at the Secret Garden Party, just cooking some really good, classic American food.

What’s on your bucket list?

I would maybe like to own a restaurant one day. I’m not a thrillseeker. I don’t gamble. I don’t even like sitting in the front seat of a car sometimes. I just want to find somewhere that’s home, with a special lady and some kids, a white picket fence, and a dog running around licking my face. Oh, and maybe go to Antarctica, so I can say I’ve been to every continent.

What’s on your rider?

Two things. Pimms with fresh fruit, and socks. A new pair of socks is like, the best thing in the world. If I get a pair of really nice socks from someone it’s like, yeah they’re really pulling out all the stops tonight.

Describe yourself in three words.

I don’t know. Can I have four? ‘A work in progress’.

What’s next for Seth Troxler?

The label stuff, plus I’m also doing a project with Craig Richards which will have art experiments and art prints... for me it’s all about real music, and real art. I’m going through a bit of a change in direction at the moment- I’m having an epiphany moment- so watch this space. Life is good.

Seth Troxler is playing at Return to the Future in London on May 4th, and at Movement Detroit which runs May 26th-28th

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