Shambala Festival


Written by Olivia Patt
Photos and illustrations by Mercedes Graves Johnston, Various
26 Tuesday 26th July 2011

Taking place the last weekend of August, 25th until 28th, Shambala doesn’t actually release a line up. What’s that, I hear you cry – no line up? Trust us, it works. Having no timetable before you arrive gives you the chance to wander around and stumble across amazing music, secret mazes, hidden bars and pop up workshops.

It doesn’t mean the music’s not good though. They’ll let a few acts leak in the few weeks running up to the festival just to get your tastebuds tingling, and with acts such as Gaslamp Killer, The Nextmen and Dizraeli and The Small Gods in the past, they’re sure not to disappoint.

And as if you needed any more incentive for a weekend of magic, madness and mayhem, Shambala is 99% powered by wind, solar, and sustainably sourced vegetable oil power. Nothing wrong with that.

For tickets at £119.50 and more info, head to

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