Shitmat at Glade


Written by James Read
Photos and illustrations by James Read
27 Monday 27th June 2011


Headliner Trentemøller was perhaps a bit moody to be playing the main stage at midnight on Friday, but by the time he lowered his weird bamboo cage/curtain to reveal the full band to the audience, he had most of the crowd behind him. Crouched over his bank of synths, with theremin wailing over live drums, this is clearly the music he wants to be performing, but there's still plenty of folk at Glade who are more interested in the hard and fast side of electronica. And for them, there's Overkill. A messy tent, at times helmed by what looked to be a surprised group of underage boys; it nonetheless was hardcore party time 15 hours a day. Hosting the likes of The DJ Producer, Donna Summer and Shitmat flipping the snares to 220bpm, it wasn't long before until any pairs of legs not already suffering the effects of horse tranquiliser were rendered immobile. So, a few words from Shitmat on the subject.

2 Bad Mice

What's been your favourite festival experience?

There are so many favourite moments I've had as you'd expect. Bjork at Glastonbury made me cry it was so good and the same year we made Neighbours Top Trumps cards and took mushrooms and tried to do tarot reading to festival goers. Also Countryside Alliance crew and the Wrong Music takeover days at glade have been up there with some of my favourite festival experiences, but I really enjoyed was walking round Glade two years ago with a boombox at 6 in the morning playing the X Files theme tune on loop outside dubstep DJs tents until they said 'Shut up you prick!'.

Wheels were helpful for navigating the large site

I found a naked interview with you on the internet. At least, it said that's what it was. None of the picture loaded, so I can't be sure. Tell me about that.

Yes I did do a naked interview. It was pretty funny, it was in the centre of Toronto on the roof of the hotel next too the CN Tower. Not sure why I got naked - probably just a stupid drunk thing! If you can get the pictures loaded then there's a Gay porn-style photo with me passionately snogging Skeeter!

Perhaps a bullet dodged then. You've got a bit of a rep for playing less-than-sober. What's been your best/messiest gig?

You really don't wanna know... Well you do since you asked me! It's probably having an out-of-body experience whilst playing at a free party near Stansted. It was quite bizarre! When I returned to my body I looked at my computer and all my tracks' names had changed to strange formations of letters (kinda like on countdown) so I'd just drag a track in and hope for the best!

The photo Shitmat sent us of himself. Thanks.
How's Wrong Music going?

Unfortunately after ten years I have recently closed Wrong Music as a label and night. It's been a hell of a fun time but I don't think U fit into the promoter/record label boss role anymore. I want to fully concentrate on my own creative stuff. But as a crew we still plan too do festival appearances when asked! Countryside Alliance crew, A full length horror movie and Ben (Ebola/Baconhead) does the Wrong Music Radio show on Soundart Radio once a month, which is awesome!
So you're doing one last Wrong Music night and then leaving the country. Where're you going? What's wrong with Brighton?

Yep I'm off to France to grow vegetables, chill out, make art, cider, music, electronics! Nothing's wrong with Brighton, not anymore!

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