Sia - Elastic Heart


Written by Jack Blocker
09 Friday 09th January 2015

Several online outlets are claiming there's been a strong backlash to Sia's new video for Elastic Heart. According to many reputable magazines, critics are trashing the video for promoting paedophilia or images related to paedophilia. I'll be the first to say that the internet exists in a state of perpetual outrage, but even I'm struggling to find any actual condemnations of the clip - apart from the usual muckspreading on Twitter, which doesn't count.

It looks like websites are just fabricating a controversy where there isn't one. But I can respect that. After all, I too live for the sweet elixir of web traffic. Elastic Heart stars Shia LaBeouf and Maddie Ziegler (who featured in Sia's 2014 smash, Chandelier) duelling in some sort of fraught interpretive dance. It's definitely striking, but you'd have to be a real rabble-rouser to think it anything more.

Props to Shia too, who's obviously been putting some time in the weightroom. Looking swole son! #mirin.

Sia obviously felt apologetic for whatever issue it stirred up, as she released this statement:


Post by Sia.

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