Sinead O'Connor: Kim Kardashian Is A Cunt


Written by Jack Blocker
15 Wednesday 15th July 2015

But don't tell that to Sinead O'Connor, who finally caught wind of Kim's cover two weeks after the issue dropped:

Writing on her Facebook, Sinead said:

"What is this cunt ("I don't smile much because it causes wrinkles") doing on the cover of Rolling Stone? Music has officially died. Who knew it would be Rolling Stone that murdered it? Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh can no longer be expected to take all the blame. Bob Dylan must be fucking horrified. 

It's clear that Sinead wasn't happy with the non-musical slant of this latest issue, despite the fact RS covers have featured everyone from Jar Jar Binks to the Boston Bomber. But this is a mere quibble compared to her real beef: Kim Kardashian, who according to Sinead, is a 'cunt'. Sure, you could say Kim is famous for being famous, you could even say she banged her way to the top (if you're a tosser like that). But she is famous no less, and slamming a pop-culture magazine for sticking her on the cover, then calling her a cunt, smacks of playground hair-pulling and public shaming. She's not molesting kids. She's just a reality TV star with a lot of Instagram followers. 

And that's another thing. Time was when Sinead spoke out on important issues, like the crimes of the Catholic church, child abuse, women's rights, war. Now she appears to do little more than rock back on her haunches until she can pounce on a woman who chooses to pursue a career in a manner different to hers. Like the time she penned an open letter to Miley Cyrus because the 'Wrecking Ball' video really ticked her off. That didn't do much, and Miley seems to be doing ok.

As does Kim Kardashian. If anyone needs to be stopped, it's the rage crusaders who like to blast their foghorn every time some non-issue they quarrel with flashes up on their iPhone. For they are the biggest cunts of all.

Want to see how Miley is coping since Sinead's open letter? Read about her LGBT charity here.

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