Sleep ∞ Over


Written by Kinsey Sullivan
24 Friday 24th February 2012

Let's start with the basics: when did you get involved with music making, and how? How did it evolve to this blurry-bright, steel-spiderweb of sound? 

I started playing guitar in middle school. My dad is sort of a bass head, he had huge stacks and pedals in the garage that I could play with whenever. I never took lessons, I just always wanted to jam out and make good sounds. It's pretty much the same thing for me now, I just play around until I find something that sounds good to me. In college I had bands with the dudes in Survive and Thousand Foot Whale Claw and Pure X.  

Does the end product sound like what's in your head? 

All I want to do is make what I'm making in the moment. I think about it much more later, and compose it, but I'm trying to approach things with a clean slate.  

What are you listening to now? Do you think that what you're listening to affects what you create? 

I've been listening to some Tomita, Chopin, the Bulgarian Woman's Choir and my own music mostly. I think it makes it's way in there, but only slightly.  

How do you create this sort of music? What's the inspiration, and the process? 

It's different now, but I guess the last record was just where my head was in the moment. I feel like my new record is much more composed. My friend and producer, Al Carlson, flew down south from NY to live in an attic with me for a month and get things situated. I worked with him remotely on my last record, so this was the first time that we ever got to vibe out on the jams.  It was magical, he's a mega-dreamboat-jamming machine. I feel like we came up with the start of something I feel really good about.  

Sounds rad. When will that record release?

Fall I think. Who knows, it's going to come out when it's finished.

It's an obvious question, but why the band name, Sleep ∞ Over? 

My boyfriend made a joke about how we were all "sleep over friends" and it stuck.

How would you describe the aesthetic of Sleep ∞ Over family of sites? Why late 90s design and the imagery? 

I dunno, Laurel Halo designed the website. I did the tumblr. I can't really say much about it, people do what they like.

You might really dig the Space Jam website, it's the same as it was in 1996.  


Could you describe the progression of the band? As I understand it, the composition has changed, with the loss of two original members and now, a new backing band. How have those changes affected the music and the creative process, if at all?

It's always changing. I feel like working with Al is a whole different ballgame and I'm excited about it. I would like to have a band again, but it would have to be the right people.  

How, if at all, is your work connected to a physical place? A mental/intangible place?

Right now it's the attic at my friend Michael's house. The attic is in this old southern mansion, and it was probably a play room at one point because it was painted pink like the inside of a doll house.

That sounds really gorgeous. Why the connection to that place? 

It just sounds like that space. There aren't any hard angles in that room and it's made out of wood. The vibe up there is also just super creepy.  It was a lot of fun. 

What are you working on now? Any upcoming tour plans?

All I'm thinking about is now, apparently. I want to do a full US tour this summer at some point. I'm playing some SXSW shows.  

So no plans to fly out to the UK? 

Not right now but I would like to!

Sleep ∞ Over's first full length EP, 2011's Forever, is out now via the Hippos in Tanks label. Listen here.

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