Snapshot – Boiler Room Bristol


13 Thursday 13th October 2016

Boiler Room once again touched down in Bristol on the 10th of October for a murky Monday session. Colston Hall played host to an intimate crowd treated to sets from SWAMP81’s Lamont and Young Echo Collective’s Ishan Sound. Manchester representatives Walton and Madam X also came down for the occasion. The evening was closed off with Bristol pioneer and Tectonic Records head honcho Pinch.

The four hours included cosmic visuals, pull ups, multiple gun fingers, experimental techno, grime instrumentals and dubstep debuts. Not forgetting the garage bangers, bassline edits and an hour of strictly wax from the main man Pinch. It is safe to say there was no better way to spend your Monday evening in Bristol.

Below you can find one choice track selected from each of the DJ’s sets:


DJ – Lamont

Track Played - Lamont Ft. Grim Slickers – Death Slide

Label - Keysound Recordings


DJ – Ishan Sound

Track Played - Ishan Sound Ft. Rider Shafique – Trojan

Label - Peng Sound


DJ – Walton

Track Played - Pinch & Mumdance Ft. Riko Dan - Big Slug

Label - Tectonic


DJ – Madam X

Track Played - Sir Spyro Ft. Teddy Bruckshot & Lady Chang - Topper Top

Label - Deep Medi Musik


DJ – Pinch

Track Played - Wiley - 'And Again' Ft. God's Gift

Label - Big Dada Recordings


Watch the full stream here on Boiler Room TV - Boiler Room Bristol: 10th Oct 16

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