Some Diss Tracks


Written by Robert Foster
05 Sunday 05th May 2013

Arguing over text message is the worst, it gets so frantic, typos slip in and it's frustrating trying to argue a point at the speed you can type. These arguments mainly happen with ex girlfriends, housemates and siblings, where there's enough resentment built up over time for you to be able to reference a huge library of festering grievances, then work out how to word them in manageable chunks. I can feel myself getting that weird sweat-rage on just thinking about it. If you're an MC and you've got an axe to grind, however, you get to do it in the form of rhyme.

Here are some fun recorded, rhyming arguments, because it's a bank holiday and I'm sitting at my mum's house going through my records:

Lil Kim acting butthurt because Nicki Minaj is more successful/frankly better than her:

Trim threatening to slap Prez T's mum with a scaffolding pole:

A fun Gully vs Gaza shouting match:

Jay Z telling Nas and Mobb Deep what's up:


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