Sonos Studio Comes To London


Written by Don't Panic
23 Friday 23rd October 2015

Shoreditch: London's kernel of creativity. You don't need us to tell you that the East London destination houses some of the city's most progressive, groundbreaking studios, offices and arts spaces. From each creative bud flowers a new entrepreneur, artist, designer or musician; transforming the concrete streets into a meadow of creativity.

One such idea grew from a seed nestled in the brains of the electronics company Sonos. As sound enthusiasts, they desired to create a space that would accommodate music in all its glorious forms. Inviting sound lovers to come together to converse, create and collaborate.

That space is Sonos Studio London. The younger sibling of Sonos Studio LA which first opened in 2012.

This unique space has been designed to give you the best possible listening experience, to hear music as it should sound, no matter what the genre or the environment you are in. An example of the attention to detail and the precision has been achieved are the movable elements in the ceilings and walls. These can be adapted to suit any sound or acoustic needs. Whether it be for band, producer or performer. 

Sonos Studio is a 'vessel' for creativity and you are welcomed aboard.

And places aren't just reserved for musicians. If you want to soak up the vibe, you are invited to hang out, drink coffee, socialise, work - whatever! It's your space too. 

The venue will host regular talks, events and exhibitions across their two floor spread of galleries and performance spaces. These can be accessed six days a week, along with their cafe and workshops, from Tuesday to Sunday, 10am – 6.30pm starting NOW!

So, if you're intrigued - and you should be - sign up to their newsletter here. Or hey, why not swing by?! They're conveniently close to Shoreditch High Street station (21 Club Row. E2 7EY. Shoreditch. London) and we've heard they really are sound guys.

Visit the Sonos Studio website here.

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