Stephan Bodzin and Marc Romboy


Written by Lucy Natek
Photos and illustrations by Systematic Recordings
11 Monday 11th April 2011

Luna means moon in certain languages. Does the name reflect the moon-like qualities of the songs?

Everyone feels music in a different way but when we listen to Luna with closed eyes we travel through the universe, see galaxies, planets and also the Moon.

The album's name is the name of your respective daughter and wife. There is a song on the album called "Miranda": who is she?

Miranda is actually not a girl nor a person we know, but the name of a moon of Uranus. All of the tracks are named after moons in our solar system.

The artwork of the album is very moon-y too. What came first, the theme or the artwork?

The artwork, which is the work of Natascha Romboy (Marc’s wife) came first. She came up with the concept of our faces looking like the durst of the moon and we developed everything else of the back of that.

Luna includes twenty-two remixes. Why so many?

When we picked DJs we wanted to remix our tracks we made a wish list of twenty-two people we wanted to work on the tracks. At the end it just so happened that everybody said yes and because we found this to be a very fortunate turn of events, we decided to include all of the DJs and producers. Plus we want to give people their money's worth with the album, haha.

So you really like all of the remixes?

We are very proud that all remixers kept the original mood and/or melody of the recordings. This is very respectful and professional.

Do you prefer working together or alone?

Both situations have interesting aspects but because we mainly work solo, joining studio time is always a bit special and a lot of fun. Working together comes very naturally to us, because we are on the same frequency music-wise. We may be totally different human beings but when it comes to music, we seem to be soul mates. Yeah, that´s the best way to explain our working chemistry.

What do you bring to the music individually?

The process is always different. We begin at a random place and work until suddenly one of us says: “Yes, this is it!”, and that will be it. The same goes for scrapping ideas: we just look at each other after many hours of joint work and instantly delete the entire track without anybody saying a thing.

That would be that music soul-mate thing you were talking about before then.

Yes, sometimes a single look says more than a thousand words when it comes to us two, haha.

Is there a song in the charts right now that you would like to dab around with?

Of course it´s always interesting to do a remix of a chart song, but what it comes down to is that we are musicians who prefer to write original stuff, so no. Not really.

How do you feel when other DJs remix your work?

We find it very exciting and special because quality producers can always add good ideas to our tracks.

Which track was the last one you remixed?

Stephan: I remixed a Depeche Mode track called "Fragile Tension" from Depeche Mode around two years ago.
Mark: I just finished a remix for my friend Gorge from 8 Bit Recordings.

Being top dogs at the music game for quite some time: Do you have any tips for the many aspiring DJs out there?

It´s always inspiring to talk to other DJs and producers or to see them on stage, but at the end of the day everybody has to find their own way, their individual path.

How does family life tie in with a working DJ's schedule?

Well, we have all the time in the world from Monday to Friday. The weekends can get stressful, but it’s manageable and there’s nothing to worry about.

Name three things a good DJ set can’t happen without?

Passion! Love! And a beer! Haha!

Drugs and music: a good pair or a recipe for disaster?

Music is the real drug, you don’t need anything else.

When are you paying London a visit?

We will bring Luna to London on the 1st of May. We’re doing our last show of the tour in Fabric and we are looking forward to it very much. Your city is one of our favorite spots on the earth.

Luna is out now on Systematic Recordings. Grab it as a six disc vinyl box-set, three CD set or digital download here.

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