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Stormzy For Number 1!


Written by Dont Panic
14 Monday 14th December 2015

Some throwback stuff to bear in mind. Remember a few years ago when, to challenge reality TV and record label control over the pop charts, members of the public bought up Sony Records-signed Rage Against The Machine's Killing In The Name? The track was propelled to number 1 after an energetic social media campaign, but basically became a cliche when acts that didn't preach 'fuck you, I won't do what you tell me' got involved.

Another thing to keep in mind- recall that grime revival everyone went on about early last year? Stormzy has been one of the biggest riders of the wave, early spotted lurking in the back of Wiley's On A Level music video, then releasing bangers like Know Me From and the WickedSkengman series. He's since played huge international shows and given even more visibility to those roadman caps.

Anyway, not long back he dropped Shut Up, his take on a classic XTC instrumental. So it goes, the two distant memories converge as a social media campaign's begun to get Shut Up to the top of the Christmas charts, going head to head with X Factor winner Louisa Johnson. It'd be a worthy victory after such a busy year for the South London MC but, to avoid any doubt, we still prefer Cadell.


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