Sunrise Festival 2014


Written by James Ratcliffe
23 Wednesday 23rd April 2014

“I am honoured to be asked to bring together lots of the original elements that we all know and love and help make Sunrise our home from home where we can meet our wider family and have a great time,” said Sunbird, the festival’s visionary organiser.

Thank you Chai Wallahs!

The Diplomats of Sound and Chai Wallahs have been looking after HQ while the Sunrise team were travelling the globe, collecting all manner of weird and wonderful oddities to entertain and amaze this year’s Sunrise crowd. Now they’re back, and due to a change in direction, Chai Wallahs have handed over the wheel of the good ship Sunrise to focus on creating Sunrise’s main stage showcasing an incredible roster of emerging artists in a spectacular environment where people come together and immerse themselves in ‘All Good things’.

Two brand new arenas will join Chai Wallahs:

The Sundance Arena will feature the Waveform stage, hosted by the Eartheart Dragon and working together with Illuminaughty, Tribe of Frog, Love of Dub and Gaia Chill to bring you the very best psychedelic music Britain has to offer. Plus The Up Rising Stage with GIVE Festival, Love Dance, Inspiral Lounge and Eden/Triplicity with visionary art gallery and finally Cats Cradle, Live Electronica stage.

The new Eden Village will be a solar powered sustainable paradise, featuring the Spit and Sawdust Stage, the Avalon Rising talks dome- hosting some of Britain’s top alternative experts and inspirational speakers, Wizard Well Being, Kids playground, sauna, TLC healing garden, sacred fire and crafts area.

“The Eden Village is all about participation and co-creation. It’s your chance to get enthused, empowered, illuminated, connected, tooled-up, skilled-up and chilled out”, said Vicki Steward, Eden Coordinator.

2014 Music Line Up:

Live: Reeps One, The Mouse Outfit ft Dr Syntax & Sparks, MC Xander, The Correspondents, Joe Driscoll & Sekou Kouyate, Sheelanagig, Will and the Poeople, By the Rivers, Typesun, Talisman, Only joe, Dizraeli & Downlow…plus many more DJs: Daddy Skitz, The Allergies, Wrongtom, Chris Tofu, Strictly Steppas Big Swing Sound System, Neuropol, Asbo Disco

To find out more about Sunrise, it's content and music line up for 2014 please visit the website:

Tickets on sale now: only £95 adults, £25 kids (family and student discounts available)

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