Written by Seun Mustapha
08 Tuesday 08th July 2008

I remember their first big hit had a line about 'smoking fags' and 'putting them out'. Rock and roll yeah! Also they reminded the kids to keep their teeth nice and clean, which is very important. Supergrass weren’t done there though and went on to have seven more chart topping hits and have just got into their sixth studio album.

Now more than a decade down the line we’re hooked up with them at the Hop Farm festival to talk about times lost, being on stage, making six albums, smoking fags, festivals, kids and what’s up with those teeth after all this time. Enter, Supergrass...

Hey guys.

GAZ: Hey.

DANNY: Hello.

ROB: Hey.

You guys will always be associated with the Britpop scene even to this day, but you have changed your musical direction quite a lot since then...

D: Yeah, that was such a long time ago. A new band trying to make it out there. I liked those times and have a lot of good mates from back then but that’s all over now. We have changed our direction but then so has the music scene. It’s not about being one of those bands still trying to hang on to those times.

*cough* Oasis *cough*. It’s cool that you still look back fondly on those times, as a lot of bands take the mere implication that they were a part of that very popular and influential scene as some sort of veiled insult.

D: Haha. Well that’s an opinion.

G: No we enjoyed those times but like I said we have moved on and it’s good to get some recognition from that. We haven’t just been resting on our laurels all this time. We’re still making music and moving on. That whole scene is pretty much done really.

There are all these bands nowadays claiming it as a main influence and talking about revival…

G: That’s up to them really. We were really young when we started out doing that.

The new Supergrass sound is a lot deeper than before... not so 'poppy' I guess. I guess that’s just a natural part of getting older and more cynical as time goes by. I know I am. Most days I wake up wanting to stab myself in the neck repeatedly since I got old.

R: Haha. We’re not old. Nor are you.

D: We haven’t purposely ‘gotten darker’ but we are older and don’t live the same lives as we did then. Of course our outlook is going to be different. Not necessarily ‘better’ or ‘worse’ but different. You can’t keep doing the same thing over and over. We do deeper albums and more live orientated ones. The sort of stuff you can really get off on playing at massive festivals, like today.

G: We like each album to be a total departure from the last one.

You’ve never really entered the Oasis megastar heights of fame. We all know who you are and what you look like but it’s not like you’re regularly seen falling out of the ‘right’ clubs or plastered all over the tabloids. It was the same even when you were young guys. Is this something you consciously wanted?

G: We never wanted to be that sort of band. We have our fans, the people that come and see us and hear our music. That tabloid, spotlight stuff wasn’t ever what we wanted really.

What have you been doing since we last saw you guys?

G: Well I have kids now - so, being a father and writing and recording music. We still practice together. We have quite a few gigs coming up.

Are you going to play any of the old classics for your set in a bit?

R: Yes, of course. We have a pretty comprehensive set. We're on for a good 45 so we can get a lot of stuff in there.

So in the big picture, you're not looking back in anger?

G: No way, not in any picture. We love what we've done as a band and what we're doing now. Otherwise we wouldn't be here.

Check out the Supergrass myspace here and their Last FM page here. Get your ass down to one of the gigs they'll be playing while you can kids. Hop Farm was amazing btw.

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