Superior to the original


Written by Johny Chhetri
15 Sunday 15th August 2010


Everyone loves a cover version right? It’s like making money out of a karaoke session which is a lot of fun. Many bands and artists have laid on their own twists to songs that they’ve felt were right to do so unto, but a majority of them have failed, e.g. Colton Ford’s take on R.E.M’s Losing My Religion (should have put that on failblog) or Arcade Fire covering Jay Reatard (was a nice thing of them do though).
Anyhoo, believe it or not, but there are actually some brilliant cover versions out there that you may not know about, including an 8-bit version of Buddy Holly by Weezer! But more on that later, here are some of my favourite covers…
Wing – Back in Black (originally by AC/DC)
I honestly don’t know why I love this. It’s been on repeat for the past few hours and I’m totally enjoying it soberly. Maybe I’m just really fucking weird. (editor – FYI Johny is one of the weirdest people I’ve ever met)
Unknown Artist – Last Resort (originally by Papa Roach)
I loved the original as a kid, but now that I’ve grown into a fully matured man I realise that it was a bit shit. But now and then I like to look back on songs that I loved as a child via YouTube (like Purple Hills and Duality) and this somehow came into my life. It was also the main catalyst for this article! So, hooray and three cheers, etc, etc.
Fucked Up – Nervous Breakdown (originally by Black Flag)
I love Fucked Up, I love Black Flag and I hate The Kooks. That last one had nothing to do with this, but Pink Eyes (who we interviewed recently) and co. did a cracking good job of ripping the shit out of this classic hardcore track. Plus the gig looked fucking awesome! Oh and you should totally check out this absolutely fabulous Black Flag cover band!
That weird guy – Final Countdown (originally by Europe)
It’s something that just makes my life feel a little bit better.
Motörhead – Whiplash (originally by Metallica)
Motörhead have covered quite a few songs and I wish I could put every single one on this list, but that wouldn’t be fair would it?
nordloef – Buddy Holly (originally by Weezer)
You thought 8-bit music was dead? Well you’re gonna be in for a massive surprise! I thought it was Anamanaguchi at first (who did a decent cover of No Bored by Wavves – who we also interviewed recently!) but this musical bolt form the blue is courtesy of an 8-bit artist from Sweden, can’t those Swedes do anything wrong?
Jimi Hendrix – All Along the Watchtower (originally by Bob Dylan)
Well, obviously! Actually there’s still a raging debate about whether this was better than the original, but I just feel this more in my soul!


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