Take Your Kanye Petition And Get Out!


Written by Jack Blocker
17 Tuesday 17th March 2015

It's been less than a day since Kanye was announced as the Glastonbury headliner, and the keyboard commandos of online activism have already started sharpening their knives. A Change.org petition is calling for Kanye to be pulled and replaced by a 'rock band.' Before we focus on the indistinct demand, let's look back at some of Change.org's accomplishments. 

There have been petitions calling for the prosecution of George Zimmerman, petitions campaigning for environmental action and Barack Obama put his name to a petition that ultimately led to a US Congress session about unfair banking fees. For the most part, I don't think Change.org ever enacts that much actual change. However, it is an example of pure grassroots activism, and at the very least it represents a voice that may never otherwise be heard.

Nowadays, the website is largely used to express a single group's resentful opinion. In the past week alone we've had Bring Back Clarkson, a true sign that people want to live in a regressive dark age of shit jokes and racism, and now Kanye is being targeted. And why? Because people want to see a 'rock band'? They want to invest political discourse behind something this vague because they don't like an artist most people do? When you're trying to change the world, it helps to know the alternative you're gunning for.

As it is, you're just the guy at the party bending someone's ear about the music you hate, bitter because popular music is no longer the music you like. Unfortunately, Glastonbury can't stew in indignation like you, yearning for a time when Oasis headlined and tickets cost a tenner. They have to reflect the changing cultural landscape to remain relevant. As much as it may pain people to hear, there is no artist more important right now than Kanye West. 

If you no longer want your ticket, I'll take it.

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