Written by Emily Hobbs
17 Monday 17th May 2010

Aussie newcomers Teenagersintokyo are poised to take their place amongst the art-pop new wave this summer with the release of their debut album Sacrifice and new single End It Tonight, out on May 17.
The band have come a long way since their early beginnings. Together since high school, the four girls had been a band for the best part of a decade before Rudy completed the quintet a few years ago after tracking them down on Myspace.
At the recommendation of Lost Valentinos member, Jono Marr, Rudy gave a few of the band’s songs a listen and knew instantly he wanted to be a part of what they were doing.
“I didn’t even finish listening to the first track before was on Myspace, messaging them to ask if I could be in the band”, says the bearded drummer.
“Finding Rudy was perfect timing actually”, says lovely lead singer, Samantha Lim, who is channelling Karen O today with pageboy haircut and a beret. 
“When he got in touch we’d just found ourselves without a drummer so when he got in touch we had a space. We had a great energy with Rudy straight away, he’s got a great personality.“ “Make sure you put that in the article”, Rudy jokes.
Following the celebrated release of the band’s self-titled EP in 2008, Teenagersintokyo began to attract serious attention.  Support slots with CSS, The Slits, and Gossip lead to a record deal with Backyard and a move from Sydney to the other side of the world in order to record their debut album with acclaimed producer, David Korsten.
“We were really lucky in that when we sent our stuff out it had a such good response and we were able to kind of draw up a wish list of people we wanted to work with”, explains Samantha.
“We never expected to actually be able to pick David Korsten from the top of that list though”, adds Rudy. 
“With us being in Sydney and David in the UK finishing up Bat For Lashes’ album, it was like cat and mouse for ages because he was so hard to get hold of”, says Samantha. “We did start to wonder whether he was giving us the brush off!”
“But once we talked to him he said all the right things. He just got it straight away”, Rudy continues. “He works in a very instinctual way and his ideas made so much sense, it was like a match made in heaven. It sounds like we’re in love with him or something.”
“I know! Whenever I talk about him I start gushing! “, Samantha laughs.
Sacrifice was recorded under Korsten’s expert guidance at the Bryn Derwen studios in Wales – hallowed musical turf which has previously been trodden by the likes of The Coral, Echo And The Bunnymen, and Ladytron, amongst others. Being in the wilds of the Welsh countryside, following in such large footsteps must have provided the perfect environment for inspiration.
“You know it’s haunted?”, says Rudy.
“For me that was just the worst thing because I can’t handle horror movies or anything like that”, Samantha adds. 
“I made Rudy share a room with me because I was so scared.”
“Samantha’s in total denial that our toilet did actually flush by itself in the middle of the night”, Rudy continues. 
“She didn’t want to believe it. But if you talk to the owner, Laurie, he’s just casual about it like, ‘yeah there are loads of ghosts here’. Whatever energy is there is good though, there’s no sense of bad vibes or anything.”
Spend even a small amount of time with the band it becomes clear that there are no bad vibes there either. Good energy is a theme that carries through all their working relationships. 
“The thing about the dynamics of a band, whether it’s all girls or all guys or a mixture of both, is that it doesn’t really make a difference as long as you’re all dedicated to the higher purpose of what you’ve come together to do, which is to make music”, explains Rudy. 
“If you all share that common goal then it doesn’t matter. And with Teenagersintokyo we’ve always been on the same page.”
From being placed in the same roll call at school because all their surnames are close together, to finding a new drummer on Myspace and discovering they’d been living almost parallel lives until the point they inevitably met, to friendly Welsh poltergeists; a combination of synergy and serendipity has propelled the band on their journey from local support act to international acclaim. Although it’s no happy accident that Teenagersintokyo are on the threshold of big things. It has all, it seems, come down to perfect timing. And now is their moment.
Catch Teenagersintokyo at one of the following events this May:
May 21 – London – Stag & Dagger Festival
May 22 – Liverpool, UK – Sound City Festival
May 29 – Exeter – Indie Cavern
June 15 – Cambridge, UK – Cambridge Summer Ball
Or buy their debut album Sacrifice’ and single End It Tonight, released through Back Yard Recordings, from 17th May.

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