Written by Daisy Jones
Photos and illustrations by Ellis Scott
25 Sunday 25th September 2011

TEETH, electro noise punk trio from Dalston, are currently on top of their game with debut album Whatever released last week. They are described as “unexpected prison sex on christmas day” (NME Magazine) but are actually much more fun. It is soon clear that Teeth are perhaps less comparable to the vast collection of East London contemporaries as one might think. They have risen quickly to notoriety since they formed in 2008 with their raucous live shows and proliferating online presence. Last week they tweeted that “If you're coming to see us on tour you will be expected to scream the lyrics to at least 50% of our set. Also breakdance while crowd surfing.” Don't Panic catches up with TEETH to talk 'gay-liens' and this year's chaotic schedule.


Where are you now?

In a sunny flower garden in France.

How picturesque! So let's start with the obvious question. How did the three of you meet?

Well Veronica met Ximon in the cloakroom of Ghetto (club). They bonded over an Eraserrata poster. And then they met me (Simon) through Myspace. They were looking for a legend! That's how. We found we worked well together.

First practice?

It was in a Warehouse.

So your new album Whatever has just come out. How did you find the process of putting it all together?

Funny. It was pretty easy. You know, we just record a bunch of songs with a friend in his little studio. He's really rad. But the album songs, they were recorded in different studios.

Do you have a favourite track on the album?

We've all got different favourites I think. But saying that, we all think 'U R 1' is a great track. Last night we played at a University in Nantes which is Northwestern France. They liked that one. It was in front of 4000 people.

That's a lot of people. How do the crowds outside the UK compare to the UK crowds?

More twinks. But the difference last night was that we'd never played to a crowd that size...like a festival crowd. We were headlining and they had two screens at either side of the stage. It was crazy. They even had one of those giant robots like they always have at Glastonbury festival. We are definitely going to release a 'Live in France' torrent after last night.

What does TEETH have in store for 2012? Our last year on Earth!

Exactly! Got to make it special. Got to make it count. Well it's our last year on Earth. We'll have an EP out in March or April next year. We're also releasing an EP this November. And by this time next year hopefully we'll have released an epic second album. A big massive studio album!

You had guitar plectrums with aliens on them at your launch party last week - whenever I see anything to do with TEETH I see aliens. Explain yourselves.

They are not Aliens they are...gay-liens! This one time I got really high and me and my friend broke into some office block but it was empty. We ended up covering the walls in bright pink and gay-liens everywhere. Then we left...but what I would have given to see their faces the next day coming into work. They would have shat themselves. But anyway, we're moving on now. Onwards and upwards.


TEETH's debut album Whatever is out now. For more info, visit t3eth.com

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