The Black Ghosts


Written by Patrick Swift
17 Sunday 17th July 2011

How did the collaboration originally come about?

We had a mutual friend who put us in contact, originally I think Theo (Fake Blood) was putting together a Touche record and was curious about me doing vocals for a track. He sent me some beats and bits of music which I wrote some ideas for, I think the first was 'It’s Your Touch'. The ideas came really easily, we just kept on exchanging music and before we knew it we had most of an album done. We were excited that the collaboration came about quite effortlessly.

How did you feel about the response to the first album?

We are really happy with it, it was all new to us so it was great that it got a good response. We got a couple of lucky breaks, like 'Full Moon' being in Twilight which opened things up for us. I think it's set us up nicely for the second album.

Regarding the latest album, there is a very atmospheric feel to the whole thing, were you aiming for this when making it?

Well I think we're both quite instinctual in how we make music. Neither of us are trained as such but do it by feel, so getting a strong atmosphere is more important than doing something that is technically 'right'. We're both really into soundtracks and they're definitely all about creating atmosphere. I think we quite often aim for a sense of suspense or drama in our music, that something big is about to happen... quite often that suspense is more intense than the actual event.

Would you say there have been any notable transitions from the first album to the second album?

Not especially, it's more a refinement of what we were doing before. We used the same methods of working - if anything this one was even more DIY. I think we've both improved as producers and really wanted everything about this record to have our own stamp on it. So we recorded, produced and mixed it and even did all the artwork. Like I mentioned before it's all about giving full flavour rather than doing things in the prescribed way.

How do you think When Animals Stare will be received?

I always find that difficult to predict. Essentially we made it because we love making records and it was music that excited us and made us happy. So if it has the same effect for some other people then job done.

Both of you are quite heavily involved with other projects, did this ever create any difficulties in getting together to work on the album?

Well we work independently and send each other files via the internet so there's never a problem about being in the same studio at the same time. We were in different countries for a lot of the time! We were definitely more busy than when we made the first album, but in some ways I think it made us focus our sound more. Because the other parts of our music had been exorcised the parts that make up The Black Ghosts were untainted. Plus I think we both learnt a lot from our other projects that we were able to bring to The Black Ghosts.

Are there any plans to take the project into a live setting, i.e. gigs/festivals?

We haven't got plans at the moment. Theo is super busy in the live setting with Fake Blood. Plus our record isn't really a floor filler, it's more of a headphone listen to get lost in and we like the idea of people getting personal with it before we interpret it live.

With Simian and your Lord Skywave productions, what are you up to at the moment?

I've had a really productive time recently. As well as When Animals Stare I've got an album by a new project called 'Roberts & Lord' coming out soon on Asthmatic Kitty records, and a Nautiluss x Lord Skywave single coming out soon on Hemlock records. And I'm excited about finishing off an album I've done in collaboration with Lukid - we're called Arclight. 

The Black Ghosts - When Animals Stare - Sampler by TheBlackGhosts


Download 'Diamonds' from the new album here. The rest of The Black Ghosts new album, When Animals Stare, is released 1st August

Listen to more Black Ghosts at

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