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Written by Jodie Harsh
28 Monday 28th June 2010
Circus is probably the only night in town where you can find indie kids, celebs and drag queens mingling and possibly copping off with each other in the drunkest of states.
The brain-child of international DJ Jodie Harsh, Circus has seen the likes of Amy Winehouse, Roisin Murphy, The XX, Mr Hudson, Robyn, Will Young, The Noisettes, and Ladyhawke grace the decks in the past.
This year – alongside Harsh him/herself – legendary electroclash pioneer Peaches will take to the decks for an exclusive DJ set. If you don’t know who Peaches is, then you must have been under a rock somewhere, she’s been going strong since the dawn of the decade we now refer to as the 90s!
She’s worked with the likes of Iggy Pop, Le Tigre, Christina Aguilera and Simian Mobile Disco to name but a few and at the ripe age of 43, is not looking at settling down anytime soon.
And if that’s not enough, you’ll also have resident DJ Kris Di Angelis and new kid on the block Erol Sabadosh spinning some records.
We were lucky enough to get organiser Jodie Harsh to interview Peaches, read on to fund out how it went.
Jodie Harsh: What was growing up in Canada like for you? Did it have as much culture to offer you, as you needed to satisfy your hunger? 
Peaches: Oh, definitely! It's a really multicultural place for a start, and there really is a lot going on, especially in Toronto. I was into film and theatre, dance and music... it's definitely rich in these areas. Canada has lot of stolen influences from England, its mother country, and America, its father. I was satisfied. 
You live in Berlin now – why is that? Why not London or New York?
My life is chaotic and frantic enough as it is without the bustle of London 24/7. I love Berlin. 
Where did the name Peaches come from?
From the Nina Simone song, I wanted her to be singing to me.
On the subject of censorship, weren't you banned from Top Of The Pops once? 
Is that what you heard? Not really... I recorded a performance of Set It Off for it, but it was edited out. To be honest, the song probably wasn't a big enough success for it to be broadcasted. 
Your music is packed with swearing and sex plays a recurring theme. What do your parents make of your music and performance?
They get it. They like it, in fact. I think they're happy that I'm challenging society and am using my brain.
Gender is also a main theme of your art. Where do you stand on drag and the illusion of blending genders? 
I AM a drag queen and I have no problem with it. I feel I have both parts within me, male and female. Drag is the over extended version of how you like to portray your female side – it's not based on a reality, really. 
How important is costume to you? 
In my stage show it's really important. I use the Russian doll method – I start with loads of clothes on and strip parts away as my show progresses. I work with various shapes and like to keep an element of surprise for the audience. In the end I like to work in just m underwear, with a microphone. That's how I started out, that's how I end up. 
You and I share a hairdresser in Charlie Le Mindu. How did the wig collaboration with Charlie come about?
We met in Berlin in a club, I think we had a mutual friend, and he was doing haircuts in the corner of this party. We made a video together in which I had huge hair going right down to the ground – it was Louis XIV meets a homeless dude. I saw some of his collection lying around in the studio and fell in love with it, so we used them on my tour. Now Lady GaGa is using them on her Monster Ball tour. 
You've collaborated with Christina, Pink, Iggy Pop, Simian Mobile Disco... so many different artists. Who else would you want to work with?
I'm more interested in film and comedy writers at the moment. My dream is to work with the creators of South Park.
Who are your biggest influences, musically?
I'm really into Iggy, so it was amazing to work with him, especially. 
Do you have a strong opinion on Lady GaGa?
We'll, she's doing it her own way. She's definitely got talent. I really like the Alejandro video; it's a clever homage to Madonna. She's definitely working with great people – the best, in fact. 
Any thoughts on Madonna?
Hmm... perhaps it's time to relax a little. 
You performed Peaches Christ Superstar recently. Did you aim to ruffle so many feathers with that?
It's a pretty intense show – I'm playing every part, singing every line. I'm planning to tour it in the US and bring it to London. It's obviously about the last few days of Jesus... I die twice in it. I think people are impressed that I can actually sing, and I think it's a pretty moving experience. 
Where to next?
We're coming up to the tenth anniversary of Peaches now, and I'm doing an art show in Korea to celebrate it. I'm making a walk-through cave of all the things people have thrown onto the stage at my shows. I've had sandwiches, dirty tampons, and of course loads and loads of peaches....

Peaches is DJ'ing at the Circus Summer Ball this Friday, 2nd July, at Bloomsbury Ballroom. Tickets are available now here. For more information on Circus visit  

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  • Guest: maks
    Tue 29 - Jun - 2010, 15:38
    she's a pretty honest lass, although her asking Madonna to chill begs another question