The Comeback Kid: Cult TV shows


Written by Gabriel Mathews
15 Thursday 15th June 2017


This obsession, bordering on the insane, has seen in a variety of crowdfunding pages come into existence, assumingly set up by someone still living in their parents basement amongst eighteen cats and old school arcade games. Cat piss and space invaders aside these are the people that are responsible for the likes of Crystal Maze and Blind Date returning to your screens.




Crystal Maze

Everyone loved Crystal Maze and how could you not it had puzzles that tested your physical and mental strength as you made your way through Aztec, Industrial, Medieval and Futuristic time zones to earn you and your team those precious precious crystals.


It was and is so popular it has been brought back in two forms, a live experience for the public to enjoy. Although you will be shelling out a few fair quid to frantically run through the zones and have your mates shout at you. The second form is of course back on our TV screens with Richard Ayoade and Adam Buxton.



Blind Date

Dating today has been defined by apps like Tinder, Happn, Stumble Upon and Grinder which has encourage and generation of relationships that starts based off a few photos and a few quick one liners. But back in the late 80s you went on TV and humiliated yourself alongside Cilla Black. Now Blind Date is back with Paul O’Grady to teach us shallow lazy youngsters how dating should be done.



Surprise Surprise

Another Cilla Black staple, Surprise Surprise, as the name suggests allowed individuals to surprise members of the public with a broad range of cute ‘heart-warming’ scenarios from  ‘hysterical’ pranks and to reuniting other members of the public with their long lost relatives.


In an age of depressing new stories and negligence of the highest order leaving everyone at risk of something shit happening a show like this you think would be needed. However it’s return with host and nation favourite Holly Willoughby was not enough to keep it going. Perhaps we are all dead inside and nothing can surprise us now.



The Price is Right

We live in a capitalist society where we’re encouraged to be materialistic, so a show where you guess how much something costs and then get rewarded for guessing right is always going to go down well.


Whether you love or hate the idea of the show, whether you watched it or not doesn’t matter because it’s hosted by Alan Carr so we’ll save you an hour of live and tell you not to watch it.


Whether you care or not these nostalgia fueled shows are back in existence and will be doing the rounds shortly. Be prepared for those nonsensical conversations at work with your colleague, who don’t really like, about the most recent episode of one the above.


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