The Editors Brixton Academy


Written by Ellie Wallis
29 Monday 29th March 2010

Ever since
The Editors got pipped to the 2006 Mercury Prize by the Arctic Monkeys for best album, they have been desperate to claw their way back into recognition. With their third album release in October 2009 "In This Light and on This Evening" they finally find a truly unique, stadium rumbling sound which cements their identity. This is exactly why watching them at the O2 Brixton Academy last week was a memorable event. Their performance moved the audience and may signal a guarantee of success at this year’s summer festivals.


The Academy was packed out and muggy, with the air full of anticipation as many were eager to see how the bands new sound would translate on stage. From the off the crowd were bombarded with anthemic guitar and synths, bass rattling riffs from the word go. We were not disappointed, as the band trundled though a list of big hitters like "You don’t Know Love", "Papillon" and notably "Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool". The later raised hairs on the back of our necks with its unrelenting plodding bass. The chorus was sliced with electronic calls and bubbling melodies. Mid-way through was a time to really wallow in its melodrama and cynicism and then came the delicious elevation in sound before belting out its Radiohead-esque lyrics ‘I give a little to you, I give a little to him, I give a little to her’. This certainly was a moment for the band which sent the crowd in to the second stage of the night and frenzied applause.


At this stage, without so much as a units worth of booze in my cautiously ill body I was having a bloody good time. Previously not a fan of the band I appreciated who they reference as influences, particularly Joy Division. This was a double edged sword because of the similarities in sound and Tom Smiths bedevilled charm. Having temporarily doused the crowd’s enthusiasm, the band came back with three more tracks before climaxing with “The Racing Rats”.


As a Muse fan I almost disliked the band on principle, thinking that they would never match the majesty of the award winning group in a stadium environment, but now I have my doubts and suggest some new heirs to the arena throne. They definitely have the bottle now and the depth of sound. If you can look past their mediocre lyrics you should definitely see them this summer’s festivals.



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