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Written by Anna Codrea-Rado
25 Tuesday 25th January 2011

"File-sharing allows information and culture to flow without the monetary or regional limitations we once were forced to deal with". Jordan's views on music piracy are relaxed to say the least. He would like to see a "centralised system…that is easy to get signed up with and runs with non-profit interests". Sounds to me like Jordan's label site Alphabasic. After Sublight Records, a Canadian label he had worked with since its conception in 2004, went under in 2007, Jordan established his own label-come-coalition. Jordan's description of his endeavour is a "non-profit organisation record label/publisher that will one day be a highly beneficial artist's union". Any profit that is made from the music releases by the label goes to the artist. Jordan "receives no salary"

Jordan advocates the principle of listeners taking media distribution into their own hands and sees music piracy as a necessity for whom he describes as "non-mainstream artists" trying to make a living out of their music. Jordan's message on Alphabasic's site is simple: "Download it, rip it, share it. All I ask is that you help spread the word about where the listener can find more music and show support if they have the means." 

When asked about his opinion on the demise of MySpace, Jordan said he "never liked it very much". He prefers having his own site, but recognises that "people on the internet don't seem to work that way anymore". This observation is true: if you want to check out an artist, you're more likely to look them up on an artist aggregator than going straight to their official website. Jordan looked himself up on MySpace following our interview: "I have no idea what's going on. I somehow have 24,000 friends and when I played one of my songs a commercial played instead. ByeSpace".

Although he has no firsthand experience of it as its not currently available across the pond, Jordan is sceptical of Spotify. Spotify's music streaming service uses Digital Rights Management (DRM) and Jordan is "immediately not a fan" because of the restrictions imposed on music downloads. "It sounds like a new house built on top of the same landfill the record industry crumbled on top off. But I could be wrong". He is onto something though, as there is an argument that Spotify does little favours for independent artists who reportedly receive no advance payment but a 50% share of advertising revenue on a pro-rata basis.

It's a shame that Benn is afraid of flying, it's stopping him coming over to the UK. Hopefully he'll "get over it' (his words) and make the journey. Until then, we'll have to make do with file-sharing his tracks.

If you feel like supporting the artist directly, you can purchase all of his music and those of his label-mates for a mere $5 per album at AlphaBasic, in the knowledge that the full profit will go to that artist.

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