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Written by James Read
14 Monday 14th November 2011

How's the European tour going? Looks like you were having a fine old time in Paris!

It’s been going so well. It’s a trip to come out here and have people know our music and have most of the shows sold out. We’ve been in awe the whole time, really surprised by the turn out and vibe. People here really love their electronic music.

Also, you met up with notch in Stockholm - fans of Minecraft?

Minecraft is an awesome game, although we don’t have much free time to get too deep in it. Notch is a great guy, we had a blast hanging with him.

The Glitch Mob in Katowice, Poland. Credit Radoslaw Kazmierczsak.

Tell us about the gear you're using on tour.

Our setup on tour is a lot smaller than our US setup. It’s expensive to travel around with all the gear, so we wanted to make the setup raw and minimal. Each of us has one Jazzmutant Lemur, one Korg PadKontrol and one Roland V-Drum snares. It’s a lot of gear for a DJ but not very much for a band. It still allows us to perform the music but we can still pack it up in a case and fly with it all.

At Electric Brixton, London. Credit Jonas Voss.

Before the tour you were in the studio working on an album - at Joshua Tree (which is the middle of the desert for those not familiar with California's national parks). How's that progressing? What can we expect for the second album?

We’re shooting to have the second album out on the early side of 2012. It was a pretty crazy experience writing music all day in the middle of the desert in an isolated house. Almost shocking at times how inspiring it was. We can’t wait to share it with everyone.

For Ed Ma - are we likely to see any more from edIT anytime soon? Crying Over Pros for No Reason was a fantastic record.

Thanks. At the moment, The Glitch Mob project has been taking almost all of my time. I hope to get back to working on some solo stuff. Hopefully that will happen when there’s a break in the schedule.

How To Be Eaten By A Woman by The Glitch Mob

Lastly, how should one be eaten by a woman?

The answer is hidden in the song...

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