The Masked Ball Festival 2015


Written by George Smith
25 Wednesday 25th February 2015

The biannual event returns this May to kick start the UK festival season. The Ball, set in the picturesque settings of coastal Porthleven, West Cornwall, has been growing in size over the last 5 years and can now boast an impressive line-up as it fast becomes one of the slicker choices for a music festival on the calendar.

Initially set up by four friends in a cliff top garden, the ball is now big enough to start supporting local businesses and charities. The Masked Ball aims to provide a creative event for partygoers from start to finish, alongside a stellar line-up are themed installations from artists and designers to add something extra to the overall experience. These have included, lavishly decorated tents, a snow dome and even a mass pillow fight. And of course revelers are expected to come dressed to impress, it is a Ball after all.
This year’s lineup is undeniably its best yet, so lets take a look at some of the highlights of what’s to look forward to from across the weekend.



Heading up proceedings is prolific producer and DJ, Bonobo. The British born Simon Green, has had a string of albums on Ninja Tune over the past 15 years, and has cut his teeth as a DJ as well as developing an impressive live show. An ideal choice to move the crowd as the sun sets over the sea. Check out his Essential Mix from last year for a taste of what you’re in for. It’s going to be a journey:

Norman Jay MBE

Notting Hill Carnival regular, Norman Jay is sure to be bringing some summer heat to The Masked Ball. With an eclectic mix of house, soul and funk, you know you will need to pack your dancing shoes. When you get awarded an MBE for your services to music, you know you’ve got some good selections. See him in action at the Margate Soul Weekender last year:

Nightmares On Wax

George Evelyn aka Nightmares On Wax is a UK DJ and producer who has been putting out solid records on Warp for decades. He has a truly diverse mix of house, dnb, hip-hop and soul influences and so is another great pic for the seaside party. Here is a Boiler Room from 2013 that shows off his style, that’s sure to make you dance at least a bit more than the typical planks at the back who some how manage to wrangle their way in to see these sets:

Congo Natty

The Rebel MC will be bringing his own taste of dub and reggae tinged Jungle to the weekend. At 50, he has been doing this since the late 80s. Come prepared to skank and don’t think about anything else:

This is just a small offering of the excellent line-up of artists from across the weekend. For more information check out the website here:

And for a taste of what it's going to be like, check some of these photos from previous years:

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