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Written by Ben Horton
09 Wednesday 09th April 2014

Shapes Easter Special: Ostgut Ton Showcase
Bank Holiday: Friday 18th April
Motion: Bristol
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Founded as an in-house label for Berlin’s Berghain, Ostgut Ton’s identity has been shaped by the club’s tight-knit core of residents, for whom it’s a platform to showcase their music to a devout global following. From the sparse, rolling productions of Marcel Dettmann and Tobias. to Ryan Elliott’s bass-driven workouts, O-ton releases sound unmistakably at home within the revered venue, and the label’s commanding reputation has grown in line with Berghain’s notoriety.

Despite near-total coverage in the music press and all the associated mythos that stems from affiliation to the club and its native label, the collective of artists surrounding Ostgut Ton have by and large retained a dedicated, low key approach to music, and whilst they still regularly descend on Berghain for marathon DJ sets, each of them has cut his or her own distinct path to the world stage. 

To overstate the talent and dedication of these guys would be pretty much impossible, and we’d like to invite you to join us at Motion on the 18th of April to enjoy it first-hand. 

Marcel Dettmann

Marcel Dettmann’s relationship with Berghain is as old as the club itself. He has held down a regular slot there since its opening over a decade ago, and he inaugurated the Ostgut Ton label alongside Ben Klock with the classic single ‘Dawning’. Yet it would be unfair to define Dettmann in terms of his residency alone. As a producer, he’s released a steady stream of hard-hitting EPs on 50weapons, Ostgut and his own Marcel Dettmann Records imprint, and his ability to draw on a wide range of influences for intricate, uncompromising, and often surprising sets is unmatched.


Best known for his dancefloor-oriented output as Tobias., Tobias Freund boasts the kind of credentials that would put most hardware fetishists to shame. Working full-time as a studio engineer in the eighties led Tobias to experiment with a plethora of newly-released technology after hours, and though he only packed in work to focus on music full-time in the early 2000s, Tobias’ experience is immediately evident.

From collaborative works with Max Loderbauer and Ricardo Villalobos plumbing the weirder, more abstract depths of electronic music to his club-ready solo numbers on Ostgut Ton, Tobias’ love for hardware has found form in an ever-expanding archive of productions, and we’re very excited to have him joining us for a live set.

Nick Hoppner

As the long-standing head of Ostgut Ton, Nick Hoppner has been released from the likes of Shed, Klock and Marcel Fengler, shunning the limelight whilst he keeps the label ticking over. In spite of this hands-off approach, years of exposure to techno’s best and brightest have evidently had an effect on Hoppner: his DJ sets are renowned for their eclecticism, whilst his own contributions to Ostgut Ton are regarded as some of its finest.

Ryan Elliot

Just as techno travelled from Detroit to the German capital, so did Ryan Elliott. A native of Motor City, growing up to a soundtrack of Jeff Mills and M plant naturally led him to DJing, and he soon distinguished himself with a signature fast-paced mixing style peppered with edits. Whilst on tour with Ghostly sister label Spectral Sound he hooked up with the Ostgut Ton crew, and since relocating to Berlin in 2009 he’s masterfully blended the sounds of Berlin and Detroit with adroit sets and a growing catalogue of thundering productions.

Anthony Parasole

A vanguard of New York’s much talked-about return to the forefront of house and techno, Anthony Parasole spent his adolescence DJing in grimy nightspots during the city’s less reputable years. Having slaved away as a promoter and a buyer for Brooklyn record store Halcyon, he eventually hooked up with Levon Vincent and formed Deconstruct records, followed by his very own label The Corner, where he houses his raw, roughed-up and undeniably NYC-centric brand of techno.

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