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The Qube


Written by Nina Bertok
06 Thursday 06th March 2014

The difference with Qube is that it will offer more wholesome experiences for clubbers as opposed to ramming in tens of headliners to each party – how do you think this will change the clubbing experience and why is it better?

There is a strong focus on the experience and we have marketed to a tight catchment of people to ensure this value. The partners behind this project are well placed to merge the best values of an East and West market for example drop the champagne sparklers and pick up the Move D vinyl.

The beauty of the party is created by the experience as a whole and those who make it a party. Without our friends and customers we are nothing. People from the performers, DJs, members and guests make this the experience we hoped for. The people who makeup a party are so important and I feel this is something they ensure in Berlin but not in London as it has been so much about big lineups in big spaces recently.

Clubbing in other locations opens our eyes. There is a great affinity between everyone at The Qube and we intend to develop that.

Qube won’t focus on just one genre either, so can you tell us more about what sort of music we can expect?

Qube is a weekly experience and we cater to varied tastes across the spectrum of house music. Residents and headliners provide a blend of house and techno. After 3am the music gets darker and less vocal. This has worked very well thus far and was well received on Be At Tv.

Which DJs and artists have you already got booked? And who are you personally looking forward to seeing?

Its a pleasure to have Nick Curly and Martin Buttrich set the vibe for us on the first two parties. There has been great interest in up and coming headliners Bakermat, Derrick Carter and Klingande. We also have some of the best underground artists pushing through with us in Homework, Felon and Eliphino.

You’re focusing on forward-looking line-ups for people who are musically-educated – can you elaborate on that?

We want to bring the best in new music to our customers. We want to excite people and offer an insight into one headliner on each party which people cherish.

Tell us more about the venue itself and if it has any special features that will make it stand out from other spaces?

The Qube is the highlight of the production. Descended from the roof and mid dance floor it transforms the roof and gives Qube its unique vibe.

You are a member of the team behind this event – can you tell us more about yourself and what you’ve done before?

In recent years I founded Troupe events which is a national house and techno party. I also run an international holiday company called Together which focuses on next generation insider travel All of my experiential businesses are founded around the idea of creativity and value added for our customers, which creates loyalty.

How did you come up with the concept for Qube, what inspired you to take on this project?

'The Qube', was actually the first name which fell out of my head. We then developed the concept asa group. We wanted a simple story. I really like the visual elements to the brand and the fact that people now want to visit to experience the Qube light show. There was a really big gap for a club which served a West London catchment and we are working hard to ensure we achieve our benchmarks. It has been very well received.

What are you hoping Qube will do for London’s club scene most of all?

Our objective is to serve the market segment which was previously unserved not to change London which is already a super city. The Qube Project is a place where I look forward to hanging out. It's about being amongst like minded happy and forward thinking people who share the same interests and values. We want to create something unique and loved by our customers and we welcome more people to join this movement. It's very important our customers and friends are comfortable and happy.

What do you think are some great things about London clubs and what do you think needs improving?

I think London is a fantastic diverse city. Qube was a gap which needed filling but for me most of the other gaps are filled exceptionally from smaller nice clubs like Corsica Studios to incredible Warehouse spaces like Great Suffolk Street. Its a pleasure to work with some of the Capitals best venues with Troupe.

What are some other plans in the pipeline for Qube this year as well as in the future?

We have 4 large scale outdoor events planned for the summer. Series 2 at the pop up club also welcomes some of the best new talent to The Qube.

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