The Rapture


Written by Daisy Jones
12 Monday 12th December 2011

The Rapture has been around for well over a decade now. How do you think the music industry has changed in the time you’ve been making music?

It has changed quite a bit, definitely. We’ve been around for about fifteen years but we’ve been better known for ten years. It’s changed in so many ways. From our early years of touring there wasn’t the internet or cell phones available. Jesus I sound old! The internet changed everything in terms of booking tours and promoting and after that we signed to a major label and our whole world changed.

The Rapture - In The Grace of Your Love by modularpeople

Your most recent album In The Grace of Your Love (the whole of which streams above) with the band name sounds almost religious! What’s the story behind the title?

It was a song title and that’s generally how we generally always picked our titles.

I think in some ways this album is a pretty spiritual album and the theme of love runs through it. It seemed like an album title that would make sense.

You are back with DFA after leaving Universal. Why do you think it is different this time round with DFA?

Basically where we got most of our success was with DFA and I think a lot of that was because we shared a lot of the same musical ideas and we were on the same page, creatively. I think there’s a lot to be said to that and you can get a lot more accomplished if you have those things than a ton of money. Especially nowadays.

What your favourite album of the Rapture?

You’re always supposed to give the one you did last but I don’t know. It honestly just changes for me all the time. This latest one was my favourite probably because we’ve been touring on it for so long. I’ve started to really like Mirror, the first thing we did again. I always tend to go back to that one as a refresher. I’d say it’s a toss-up between Mirror and Grace of Your Love right now.

Favourite album from another artist?

Ever? The Zombies – “Odessey and Oracle” That is my favourite album of all time. I’ve been listening to “Bringing it all back home” by Bob Dylan a lot and also Cat Stevens – “Catch a Bull at Four”

You’re New York-based. How is it playing live in your home city?

It’s great! We’ve had so much time off and when we started coming back and playing shows we made a real effort to play shows in New York as I don’t feel like we’d done that. This is our hometown and it’s been really nice to acknowledge that and play to our hometown fans and our friends. We did a lot of secret shows that we just invited our friends to and it was great.

Anybody you’d like to collaborate with in the future?

Musically? I’d really like to collaborate with Phillipe Zdar again. A lot of the time when your making music and working with a producer, sometimes the first album is the feeling-out period and you’re trying stuff but when you look at different bands the second album when they work with the same time that’s when they hit their stride as they’ve got a lot of experiment in and they can move to another level.

Now for the more serious questions… if the Rapture was a signature dish what would it be?

It would have to be something that’s all over the place. Something spicy definitely popped into my head.

You’re the opening credits to (E4 television series)Misfits – if you could have any super power what would it be and why?

Being able to fly anywhere would be awesome.

What are you hoping to get from ‘Santa’ this year as you call him in the States?

Jeez… A week’s rest. I just had a baby and he’s seven months and I miss him when I’m on the road but when I get back it’s not like I have any rest. Maybe I’d like for Santa to get him a bunch of gifts, which he will.

Finally – what’s in store for the future of The Rapture?

We’re just going to tour a lot more. We’re going to do a couple more shows then take a break then we start up in the middle of January and we’re going to be touring a lot more. After we finish touring hopefully we’ll be writing more music and getting something out sooner than five years. That’s what I hope.


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