The Week According To... Crazy P


Written by Crazy P, Oscar Henson
22 Friday 22nd September 2017

In 'The Week According To...', we ask musicians, artists and persons of interest their views and opinions on the week's singles, viral videos and news clips.

This week: UK psych-disco posse Crazy P.



Sam Smith - Too Good At Goodbyes 


Crazy P: Is he turning into Justin Timberlake? He's not that good at goodbyes is he? If he was he would've done us all a favour and said it to the other writers as he left directly before the recording of this abysmal beige coffee table stain. The bit where he bites his fist, looking into space, whilst embracing his forlorn lover made me piss myself. Harmonically its about as interesting as the lighthouse family. Drab, instantly forgetable, predictable pop 101. Cheer up mate.



Parsons Green explosion


Crazy P: The press painted a picture of fire-balls shooting down the ceiling of the train, inevitably creating wide-spread panic and increasing the 'fear' factor - but when you look at this footage of what looks like 'my first incendiary device' that seems unrealistic. I've given up watching any news these days. It's mostly bullshit. 



Ringo Starr on Brexit


Crazy P: I like Ringo. He doesnt give a fuck and I like that. That interview he recently gave to the holywood enquirer suggesting the real Paul McCartney died in a car crash in 1967 and was replaced by a 'look-a-like' called William Shears does beg a few questions. Firstly, what drugs is he on? And secondly, should they up the dosage? As a drummer he comes in for a lot of stick but i agree with the view he is generally under-rated. For me though, Thomas the Tank Engine is amongst his best work.



World's oldest panda turns 37


Crazy P: I dont know if 37 is old for a panda but Basi looks like he was a thoroughly amenable type. Wearing a weird crown to satisfy the zoo's PR department without question. One thing though, how did he get into weightlifting? I mean did they just plonk some dumbells in front of him to see what he'd do? Why weightlifting? Why not knitting. Or chess? The things pandas have to do, honestly!



Legowelt - RA Sessions


Crazy P: Like his set up, everything running through the desk gives you that ability to improvise arrangements and add FX so it's about as live as you can get for this style. There's an 'edge of the seat' feel to it too which I'd imagine as a performer keeps things interesting. Musically, with the canny vocal samples and the sped up breakbeats it's reminiscent of the Future Sound of London stuff. I like his vest too.



Gordon Ramsey cooks eggs baked in hash browns 


Ooh, I could do some of that in now. My kind of breako. The accompanying music made me chuckle, particularly the one that sounded like the first two bars of 'foxy lady' over & over again. They sound like the same band who did the bodyform classic - "bodyform for youoooooo". It's all in the guitar sound. Gordon Ramsey is a bit of a one isnt he? I've got loads of showbiz stories on good authority that involve him and varying degrees of wrongness (or rightness depending on how you look at it). Repeating them here would no doubt result in legal action so you'll just have to use your imagination....


Crazy P play Leftfoot x Shadow City at Birmingham's Rainbow Warehouse on Sat 14th October alongisde Gilles Peterson, Jeremy Underground, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Palms Trax and Quantic:

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