The Week According To... Rodney P & Bionic


31 Thursday 31st August 2017

In 'The Week According To...', we ask musicians, artists and persons of interest their views and opinions on the week's singles, viral videos and news clips.

This week: Rodney P and Bionic of legendary UK hip-hop crew, London Posse.



Dua Lipa - 'New Rules'


Rodney P: "I'd actually seen this video before and thought it was really cool visually but had no idea it was No 1. The song ain't the kinda thing to get me excited but if I was drunk in a club on some island resort and it came on i still wouldn't dance to it but I wouldn't be mad...maybe I'd dance a little."

Bionic: "Nice commercial catchy song and video. I’d think it would be an obvious hit if I heard it. Teenage girl music. In a rave the beat would have me bubblin’ though."




'Notting Hill Carnival 2017 Police Officer Dancing'


Rodney P: "The power of music is undeniable and Hip Hop culture has reached and enriched every section of society and that’s a beautiful thing but on the other hand.... fuck the police."

Bionic: "I don't pay attention to them but I emit love to the whole cosmos as I sit balanced in the middle of duality. Shzz I better stop bonnin dis zoot."




'Houston's Volunteer Navy'


Rodney P: "My heart goes out to those people, imagine watching your life wash away. But as ever it shows that in times of need, just as with the horrendous situation at Grenfell Tower, people often show the best of who they are and community pull together to aid and support each other when no government organisations seem able or willing to help."

Bionic: "I ain’t watched the news for nine years but I’ve seen posts on Insta about this and yes I love all but I must ask: BBC, where all the melanated people at? That said - love, strength and more power to all victims of tragedy wherever they are."




Drake & Giggs perform "KMT" together at Reading Fest


Rodney P: "Always good to see the 'ManDem' shining. It's taken a lot of hard work and determination for Giggs to get to this point and I Salute him. And big up Drake for showing so much love to and for the UK scene."

Bionic: "I don't know nothing bout Drake but Giggs is a genius IMO. I love the humour it's infectious. Reminds me of me as a youth without the politics and not half-heartedly UK's banging my dream came true and I love it."


London Posse perform live at this year's DMC World DJ Championship Finals at London KOKO as part of their 30 year anniversary tour. 

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