This Week, In Jay Z


Written by Aisha Nozari
18 Thursday 18th July 2013

In the first segment (below) Jay discusses the making of Magna Carta. He reveals a bunch of hot goss, like apparently him and Kanye had a four hour bitch fest over the track 'Holy Grail' AND he also fell out with Timbaland over some production stuff. Jeez.

In this next instalment Hov discusses fame. He talks about the shitty stuff that comes with fame and how it can all go wrong, he then name drops Kurt Kobain (probs cause he's dead or something) before commenting that he doesn't want to go too far with the whole complaint thing because, surprisingly, he's actually 'doing OK.' Just gotta find that middle ground, right Jay?

Part 3 is all business and politics so I kind of lost interest, but basically Jay is asked what makes him happy outside of the music and he talks a whole load about Roc Nation and his recent investment in the world of sport. He also mentions that he is able to switch off from business when he's making a record and is able to focus on whatever he's doing at that moment. Glad to hear it.

It seems Jay has been keeping himself particularly busy ATM. Last week he was treading English soil ahead of his Wireless performance. The Rapper also managed to squeeze in a cheeky visit to Salisbury Cathedral to see the real Magna Carta - turns out he had never actually seen it before... According to reports he 'was genuinely touched and honoured to be there.'

Keep your eyes fully peeled for the part 4, which should go out today on Radio 1's site.

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