Thrush Metal


Written by Caisa Ederyd
Photos and illustrations by Burak Cingi
11 Monday 11th October 2010


I’m probably the only 20-something girl, living in east London who up till a week ago didn’t know whom or what Thrush Metal were. To be honest, I couldn’t even picture a face to the name Alice Dellal and even less to the other girls in the band.
However, last week I got enlightened. Thrush Metal are a all-girl rock band consisting of four best friends who not only decided to start their own band, they’ve also started their own record label, Sweet Dick Music, and are famous for stripping on stage. They are best friends with Mick Jagger’s son James’ punk rock band Turbogeist, who have been involved with producing as well as performing with the girls, and their tour manager is Alice’s 19-year old younger brother.
Don’t Panic met up with Laura Fraser, Emma Chitty and Alice Dellal in Shoreditch Park, ahead of their next gig at this weekend’s Club Mofo at Corsica Studio to hear how they nearly got arrested for wielding an axe on stage, the fact that none of them had much experience of playing instruments before they started their band and that talking about fashion is boring.
I hear you almost got arrested when you played here at the 1-2-3-4 festival?
Laura: We nearly got arrested when we left cause we had an axe on stage! The police came and took us off stage and were like, "Why do you've got an axe?" I was like, "We were breaking a piñata on stage". They were like, " what's a piñata?" “It's a Mexican thing you fill up with sweets."
What? So you got properly arrested?
L: No, they were trying to arrest us because it's obviously a criminal offence to walk through a festival with an axe. But we were like, "We're not going to walk through the festival, we're going to put it in our bag, and put it in the car”. They couldn't get their heads around it. They were looking at this boy, Alice's brother, who looks like he's about 14, but he's 19, and they were like, "Why is he holding a giant penis?" "Because he is fucking cool!"
So, what are your names and what do you do in Thrush Metal?
L: I'm Laura, I sing, she's Emma.
E: I play the bass.
How and why did you guys form?
L: We are best friends.
E: We listened to music all the time and went to gigs all the time. Then we just sort of said, "Yeah, let's just try it out."
L: Yeah, we've learned everything during this last year.
E: None of us played any instruments or anything. We started a year ago, altogether not knowing what a chord was.
Only a year ago?
E: Yeah, a little more than a year.
L: But we’ve been watching bands since we were 17.
Do you remember the first time you guys met?
L: Isabella, the guitarist, is my cousin. Alice I've known my whole life, and Emma I've known since I was 14. So we've all known each other since we were like 15 or something.
E: I do remember the first time I met them.
L: At a funeral probably.
E: Yeah. It was at our friend's funeral, we became best friends then so that was cool.
Sorry about your loss.
L: Na, it was sweet.
E: Good things come out of bad things.
Did you have a musical upbringing?
E: My mum forced me to play the piano and I had to play the recorder at school but...
L: Yeah, I played the recorder at school. And I played the saxophone and the violin for about a term.
E: I tried to play the drums and I tried to play the flute at one time. It didn't really go very well.
L: This is Alice!
What was the first record you ever bought?
A: Spice Girls!
What album?
A: Wannabe!
E: I think it was Boyzone or something.
L: I bought Aqua! Aqua and Chumbawamba, I went to Paris on French exchange when I was 11, actually when I moved back to England from Spain. My cousin tried to like teach me about music, by buying me Red Hot Chili Peppers Blood Sugar Sex Magik and I walked around in my school singing, ‘Blood Sugar Sex Magik suck my kiss!’ and everyone at school was like, "she's so fucking weird."
A: I listened to No Doubt as well!
L: ‘Don't Speak!’ It's so good!
How old are you guys?
E: 23 next week!
A: 23!
L: 23!
What are your influences?
A: Elvis
L: Spice Girls
E: Ween
E: Snoop Dogg.
L: All of them legends.
E: even the shit ones.
What are you listening to at the moment?
E: A lot of country music.
L: Death! Death! Not the old metal band, the new one.
E: yeah! They’re so good!
A: Three Rasta looking motherfuckers, so good!
What's your worst fashion crime?
E: Silly question.
And I thought you were quite fashionable?
E: Who cares?
A: Wearing clothes.
L: Yeah, wearing clothes...
E: Less is more or something.
Do you have any secret talents?
L: I can belly dance!
Really? Can you show us?
L: Sure.
E: I can hoola hoola for ten minutes.
Laura, that's amazing! Well done.
E: I can touch my shoulder blades.
L: That's not a secret talent!
A: I can touch my nose with my tongue!
Well, go ahead! Show us!
A: I can touch my shoulder blades too!
L: Yeah me too, I can do that! That's so easy!
L: Alice! Can you lick your elbow with your tongue?
A: I can do weird shit with my tongue.
L: I can do some weird shit, but I shouldn't probably tell you about that.
What are you working on at the moment?
L: A Spanish song!
E: We just recorded a split single with Turbogeist, we're releasing that on Love, Love, Love Records. And then our EP is coming out.
L: That's on SDM! Sweet Dick Music. It's our own record company that we just started.
You're well into dicks?
E: No, we hate dicks...
What's your future plans?
A: Live life!
L: Swim in lakes as much as we can.
A: Take loads of pictures!
E: Obvious shit like that.
L: Dance!
Any parting words of wisdom?
L: If you're going to party hard, get organic food.
E: No.
A: No man, it's too expensive.
E: Just like always smile and shit.
L: Be polite! Being polite is probably the most important thing,
A: That's just bollocks. You never smile! I don't think I never don't smile.
L: Baby, baby.
E: You can stop now.
Thrush Metal play The Club Motherfucker Show this Saturday, October 16, at Corsica Studios, Elephant & Castle.


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