Toilet Room!


Written by Robert Foster
23 Thursday 23rd January 2014

BoilerRoom haven't got an office in Sydney yet, so some Sydney residents started their own damn thing - they called it ToiletRoom, which, frankly, is gross.

"14 bottles of liquor, 1 dead battery, and uhhhhhhhhhhh, 1 hour and 10 minutes of bangers from Swamp 81's Paleman. Welcome to the ToiletRoom."

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Yonurican - Boriken Soul
Wad - Pearson Sound
Unknown - Unknown
Press Up - Mosca
Nyiduonge Drums - Owiny Sigoma Band
Boddika - Soul What
Randomer - Bring
Paleman & New York Transit Authority - Drones
9T8 - Dusky
Brett Jacobs - El Hadu
Doc Daneeka - Walk on In
Zed Bias & Terror Danjah - Telepathy
Legwork - Life Is Shower (Dubspeeka Mix1)
Zed Bias - Couchlife
Trusta - Bulletproof
Pearson Sound - Untitled
Lil Silva - One Twenty
Mushy - Tech 101
Boddika - Heat
Four Tet - Kool FM (Champion Remix)
Paleman - The Day
Ben Pearce - Pale Ale
Alfred Taylor - Akagi

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