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Top 5: Auntie Flo


Written by James Ratcliffe
18 Monday 18th August 2014

Top 5 / Aftrican Influences / Auntie Flo

1. Professor feat Character - Imoto Etshontsh Imali (DJ Clock Mix)  
The sickest groove on any South African House track, i'm always trying to get the same groove in my tracks and just can't get it to feel like this. 

2. The Otherside ft Musa K - Headless Corpse 
Dark and deadly side of Africa. There is a general notion that African music is super happy and joyful, this is the horror.

3. Amadou & Mariam - Bara (Joaquim Sacred Dance Remix) 
I basically love any song that feels like it could go on forever. I've ended my sets with the full 15 minutes of this many times.

4. Bola Johnson - Lagos Sisi  
First heard this via the Cottam remix which is a classic at our Highlife parties. This is original afro-funk of the highest order.

5. Manu Dibango - Abela Dance  
Love Many Dibango. Love the 80's electro beat, shows that African music is not just about polyrhythmic percussion.

You can catch Aunite Flo at Flyover in Portobello this weekend for Turf's carnival after party. More info and full lineup here.

Until then, check out Auntie Flo's Boiler Room mix...


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