Top 5: Droog


Written by James Ratcliffe
24 Wednesday 24th September 2014

Top 5 / Droog

Droog is the DJ collective of Andrei Osyka, Brett Griffin and Justin Sloe. With a reputation as one of the leading purveyors of forward thinking dance music in LA, we caught up with them this week and got their top 5 tracks of the moment.

Jozif - Under the Thumb featuring Jenny Jones
The lead track on the upcoming jozif EP we have coming out on Culprit this coming Monday. jozif is one of our favorite artists and people, a unique and inimitable voice. Here he is in his full songwriting swing. Deep and heartfelt dance music, we love it.

Smash TV - World Wide What  [Hive Audio]
Smash TV have been, frankly, erm, smashing it for years. Just consistently good, slightly off-kilter dance music that has a bit of an edge to it and totally works on the dancefloor.

Quantum Entanglement - Acid Thunder
Not quite the thunder of acid the title implies, this does have that old school analogue feel, with the modern twist. This totally killed when we played it in Room 2 at Fabric last month

Maher Daniel - A Call From Within [No. 19 Music]
Our friend and studio neighbor Martin Buttrich gets deeeep and melodic on this jam of a remix. We love when Martin gets slow and groovy. He's so versatile, he can do just about any subgenre convincingly. This year is 20 years since Martin has been making music but he always manages to stay current.

Dennis Ferrer & Jerome Sydenham - Timbuktu ( Pan African Electro Dub) [Ibadan]
Our favorite version of this beauty that sounds as good now as it had years ago. Drop it toward the end of your set for that euphoric feeling. Great combination of tough beats and a pretty melody.

You can catch Droog this weekend in London at Studio 338.
For more information please visit - or for tickets here.

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