Top 5: Jaymo & Andy George (Moda Black)


Written by James Ratcliffe
25 Thursday 25th September 2014

Full lineup available here.

Walker & Royce – Sister
This record epitomises the ethos of Moda Black; forward thinking electronic music that has no fixed boundary. Walker & Royce are a duo from NYC who make seriously interesting music, all the noises and are really unusual and unique, the production is super-dope and you just know that every single sound has been agonised over in their studio, to make sure it’s just perfect.

Mount Kimbie – Made To Stray (DJ Koze Remix)
Koze is pretty much the measuring stick in terms of forward-thinking music for us. His production levels are about as good as it gets, his ideas are always outside the box and his melody work and use of weird samples and textures is something else. This is a huge remix for a lot of people and for good reason - whether he’s making Hip Hop, left-field electronica or club music, the dude is untouchable. 

Jaymo & Andy George – In My Way
A brand new track of ours coming very soon on Moda Black. Pete Tong has described as one of the biggest tracks in his sets at the moment. 

Theo Kottis – Waiting Game
We’ve had lots of of special times in Edinburgh, and were lucky enough to meet one of our favourite new producers at a Moda Black party up there last year. Theo is a really talented dude, with heaps of brilliant ideas and a sound that is very much his own. Melodies are his thing, usually served up on spacious drums and chilling pads. ‘Waiting Game’ is an emotion-fuelled, 5am set-closer - it’s been getting seriously big reactions when we’ve played it out. Remember the name! 

Switch – Get Ya Dub On
Every so often a producer comes along a totally changes the game. Dave Taylor was unquestionably one of those guys - he just broke all the rules and made these mad records that sound like nothing at the time - and still sounds huge now. This track represents a lot of things that we love about house music and there are some amazing memories associated with this record at some of our very first Moda parties. Probably the only DJ we’ve played with who drinks wine by the pint.

You can catch Jaymo & Andy George, along with Justin Martin, Maxxi Soundsystem and loads more at Lakota this this friday. Full Lineup and tickete available here.

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