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Written by James Ratcliffe
12 Friday 12th September 2014

Top 5 with / Matom

We caught up with Matom to talk about their top 5 influences in making their new release 'Love Mistakes', out monday on Planet E...

1 . Carl Craig - Wonderful Life

Matt - I thought it was only fitting to mention Carl as he sent me the coolest video message at the beginning of the year after we sent him the album; and it’s been a dream come true to finally release a record on Planet E. I’ve been a fan of Carl’s music for over 20 years and he been a huge influence on me as a producer and I can definitely remember playing this track to Thomas on a rainy February afternoon back in 2010. We spent a lot of time listening to music in Bordeaux and this track is just beautiful and timeless.

Thomas - Matt has a phenomenal Vinyl collection and has always played me pioneering music which this was one that struck me when we were planning to make the album, Its super balearic and invokes a timeless soundscape. Planet E Communications is a fantastic label to be working with. 

2. Maxxi and Zeus - The Struggle - International Feel

Matt - This was the second release that Joel Martin and I made for International Feel and we’d been working on some demos in Berlin and had this really cool track but it just needed that bit extra;  and we’d already been collaborating with musicians such as Pete Z who played keyboards for us on the Quiet Village remix of Paul Murphy’s Mudd project so I asked Thomas if he could add some extra keys and the parts were so good that we stripping the track down and ended up with this ambient soundscape. 

Thomas - This was the first ambient piece we worked together on apart from an unofficial remix for Norah Jones, 'The struggle’ was recorded using a mk1 rhodes and a box of percussion i’ve collected from all over the world.  I think it was the first time i’d got into the ‘cosmic’ side of production with a free arrangement.  Still one of my favourite tracks to chill out to,  Its primarily an early form of Matom. 

3. Jam & Spoon - Hispanos in Space

Matt - The early 90’s was a golden era for ambient and downtempo music and I learnt a lot from listening to the Future Sound of London mixes for Kiss FM and also and there were so many great records from artists such as Space Time Continium, Global Communications, Mix Master Morris and his Irresistible Force project to name but a few. This particular record was tucked away on the b-side of Jam and Spoon’s “Right in the Night” single from 1994 and I love the vibe of this track. You can feel the heat of summer and the ambience is just right and this was definitely something that was crucial in the creation of the Matom LP. Both Thomas and I did a lot of field recordings both in Berlin and Bordeaux and I love to create these unknown but familiar environments with music.

Thomas - FSOL made a huge influence on me too, as did the Balearic 90s productions from Trevor Horn, I currently live close to the border of Basque country which is a huge cultural melting pot of raw music and although I’m primarily a  producer and keyboard player i’ve always played guitar and now ukelele and the idea of the Matom album was to showcase live performance and not be constrained there definitely seems to be a freer spirit in 90s ambient and downtempo. 

4. Ryuichi Sakamoto, Jaques Morelenbaum & Everton Nelson / Gustavo Santaolalla - Bibo No Aozora / Endless Flight

Matt - Ryuichi is the master. He’s an incredible artist and performer and this track has a particular importance as when we were working on demos. Thomas was playing the piano and creating a really cool melody and suddenly it became this. 

Thomas - Ever since i saw early concert videos of Yellow Magic Orchestra i was hooked on Ryuichi, absolute leader in the electronic scene and he has transcended seamlessly into classical and nu-jazz and to have a supergroup of academy award winning composers around him like Gustavo Santaolalla in this track makes an incredible soundtrack and you instantly feel the topography of the film. We both learned a lot from this score and i would hope to have Matom composing for world cinema within the next few years. 

Mind Over Matter - Fire - Innovative Communications

Matt - There are so many great records on this label and if I had to choose my favourite label it would be IC. So I played Thomas a lot of tracks from Klaus Schulze, Software and of course this beautiful track by Mind Over Matter. Released in 1987, it has this Global Communications feel to it and I love the ambience of this record. 

Thomas -  Sometimes ambient and 'new age' gets unfairly dismissed,  but its often just credible dance music without the formulaic drum constraints.  This track reminds me of Early Vangelis who is another master of the scene and has been very influential to both of us. 


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