Top 5: Nick Curly


Written by Don't Panic
05 Thursday 05th November 2015

People of Manchester, try not to sustain any Bonfire night injuries this evening, because tomorrow sees the German House giant Nick Curly bring his precision engineered cuts to Trust at Gorilla. In the run up to the set, we asked the DJ to select his favourite Manchester afterparty tracks.

Take it away, Nick.

Bobby Konders - Nervous Acid

A groovy, liquid banger that is not only psychedelic but very fun and danceable as well. It doesn't try too hard to be an epic Big Room House track (Big Room House didn't exist back then, mind you). 

And it doesn't try to be something that it is not. Love it!

Johnny D - scope of mind

There is not much to say about Johnny D. He is still my favourite producer and very good friend of mine.

I'm very happy that he is back in the game. 'Scope of Mind' is one of the most timeless tracks I've ever heard. This will always stay in my playlist and I think it's already the second time I've used this track on a mix compilation.

The vibe is just next level. 

Jordan Peak - Feel

Jordan’s Bass Culture EP that this track is taken from is phenomenal. I like all three tracks, but I chose this one as it worked best for me. Perfect deep groove track with a feeling.

System 2 - Jack off

A track from System 2 which I released on our latest various artist ep on my 8Bit imprint. It always gets a great reaction in the club.

Cagedbaby - Hello There (Radioslave Remix)

It could not have found a finer match. The genius Track of Cagedbaby remixed by Matt Edwards in his Radioslave guise. Superb remixes not to be missed! Amazing groove and super emotional Vocal.

Trust makes a much anticipated stop off in Manchester at Gorilla on November 6th for a party with boss man Nick Curly and close associate Bill Patrick both playing. Expect only the finest dance floor fireworks!

Head to the Facebook event page for more info.

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