Tough Love: Why Ibiza Is The Best Party Island On The Planet


Written by Don't Panic
21 Wednesday 21st September 2016

London DJ duo Tough Love have risen meteorically through the ranks of the House music scene in recent years.

Their slick productions and energetic, bass-heavy DJ sets have earned them a cult following of hard-core fans across the UK and Europe - and with a sound that touches on classic House, 90s R&B and Garage, it’s no surprise to hear that they’ve just returned from a mammoth season out in Ibiza.

For those of us who couldn’t make it out to the Balearics this year, legendary Ibiza club-night Together is bringing Tough Love and more to London's Ministry of Sound nightclub for an Ibiza Homecoming’ party on 1st October. 

Ahead of the show, we caught up with the duo to find out what makes Ibiza the best party island on the planet, and what we can expect from the homecoming show next month.


So you’re just back from another massive summer out in Ibiza. What is it that makes the island such an incredible party destination year after year?

Well the sun helps for sure! When you strip the island back to its bare bones, it’s a really beautiful scenic place. Then add the worlds best clubs & DJs and it’s the perfect place to party or relax. We’re not sure there is anywhere else in the world that can offer what Ibiza can offer!


Can you remember your first trip out there? What were the defining moments of the trip?

Both of us visited in our really early teens, we caught the house bug early! Alex remembers going to Flower Power at Pacha in ’99 and watching Roger Sanchez play an eight hour set at El Divino - a real eye opener.

Stef experienced the wondrous sights of San Antonio’s West End in 2001 - he saw some things that probably shouldn’t be spoken about right now, but luckily got to explore the island numerous times afterwards and saw it for what it really is. It’s somewhere we love to play and can never get bored of.


Which are your favourite clubs to play over there, and why?

It’s really hard to say, and there are a few more we need to experience, but each venue is unique and offers something different. Amnesia has to be right up there. The terrace is just something else. The visual production and setup is a different class and the sound system is unreal. 


What was the go-to record of the summer for you guys?

There have been a lot of big records this summer. We’ve played a lot of classics alongside a few of our own edits, which will hopefully be dropping over the next few months. Probably the stand out tune for us has been our VIP mix of our new single ‘Like I Can’ Ft Karen Harding. It’s done the business for us all summer long.


When you found time off between gigs, how did you unwind? Can you spill the beans on any secret island hang outs?

If you get some time to visit Formentera then it’s highly recommended. We normally unwind at Talamanca beach as we often stay near there. Most trips we try and get a lunch in at Destino - the food there is really good and the view is equally amazing. Another little gem is Restaurant Il Giardinetto. We try and catch up with a few mates if they’re on the island and in between shows we like to see what other parties are doing the business.


Next month you’re destined for Together’s Ibiza Homecoming show at Ministry of Sound. How do you plan to bring your own slice of Balearia to our rainy capital city?

We’ll be dropping a load of new edits and remixes that have been working so well for us on the island. We’re closing the box, so we plan to end the night with a bang in true Ibiza fashion. Don’t worry if it rains outside, you can guarantee inside is going to be blazing hot.


And finally – what else can we expect from Tough Love before the year is out?

We’ve got a really busy touring schedule and our first US tour at the end of October. Right now we’re getting our teeth into our new single with Karen Harding called ‘Like I Can’, which is receiving some great support. There’s a huge record with Roger Sanchez Feat Boy George on the way which we’ve been playing for the last 18 months and we’re excited to finally see released. On top of that we have a few remixes on the way, including one for Jamiroquai! To have been asked to do that was a bit of a dream come true to be honest.


Tough Love play Ministry of Sound on Saturday 1st October for Together: Ibiza Homecoming. For more info and tickets please visit: 

For the chance to win a VIP table and drinks for 5, check out our exclusive ticket giveaway competition:

Tough Love's latest single, 'Like I Can' with Karen Harding is now available to buy & stream:  

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