Tube & Berger Chatted To Us For The Qube Project


Written by Don't Panic
17 Friday 17th October 2014

If we had a long studio session the night before we like to sleep long and have a healthy breakfast. One of our daily rituals is having chats on Skype with our mates Paco and Juliet Sikora. We both live close to a forest and so it’s easy to escape from digital life and have a chilled one with the trees.

You used to be part of a Punk band. Can you tell us more about this?

Well.. We couldn’t play our instruments but we wanted to have gigs and get drunk so we formed our first punk band. All in all we had a few. The names were: Mitteldicht, DG5 and the worst band name in history, Toxic Teenz.

'It Began in Africa' is a charity project you set up to help young African musicians. Is this still up and running?

We’ve had two successful compilations of It Began In Africa so far and at the moment we’re in the planning stage of volume 3. Coming up with IBIA was probably the best thing we have ever done. Until now we raised over €12,000 for the African Children’s Choir and we’re hoping to finance a whole new school in South Africa this time. We hope to release It Began In Africa in winter 2015. Fingers crossed!

If you had to live in any other era, which would you choose and why?

The sixties seem to be a good era for us but Babylon, Roman Empire or Rococo also sound interesting.

What was your favourite cartoon/tv show growing up? 

We both loved (and still love) Dr. Snuggles

Where is your favourite place to party in the world?  

Tube’s bath tub.

You set up Kitball Records. What advice would you give to any young up and coming producers looking to start a label?  

You’ll need help by people you can trust. When you’re a producer and DJ you are most likely a party guy or a studio nerd. Both types are not good in running labels. Another thing is release music that you truly feel and would spin yourself.

Have you two ever fallen out, or have any memorable arguments to write home about? 

We’ve known each other for over 20 years and had about 1.3 million arguments. One day we’ll write a funny book about it. 

Can you give us the best films you have watched recently?  

Dallas Buyers Club was pretty good but the past years have shown we’re both more into series like The Walking Dead, True Detective or Game Of Thrones - We read the books.

Best book/comic? 

Best book: World Of Tiers (P.J. Farmer) Best comic: Prince Vailant and Tin Tin

Who are your heroes? 

Luke Skywalker, Momo and Moogy our friend and Brazilian cook “Moogy”

Club Mate or Red Bull? 

Club Mate because they say it’s natural.

Describe the ideal 'Down Time' for Tube and Berger?

Spend time with good old friends we don’t see very often. Wine & cheese evenings at Jeralde’s place are legendary.

Favourite places to eat in Berlin, any tips for our readers?

Try DUDU in the Torstraße for great Asian food. 

Can you give us 5 guilty pleasure tracks?

Set in my mind by Joeski, The Music by Marcus Marr, What’s that by Juliet Sikora & Chemical Surf, Pawn Shop by Sublime and finally Highness by In.deed and Tube & Berger.

What else can we expect from Tube & Berger in 2014?

On the 14th of October  we’ll release our “Entourage EP” including tracks together with our lads Paji, Ante Perry and In.deed. In November there will be the first ever Deeper Sessions compilation which means 77 minutes of T& B in the mix and in December we’ll be touring the United States and Canada before we take a month of in January to go on holiday and start working on our new album.

Tube and Berger play The Qube Project on Saturday 18th October, for more info head to Be sure to check out T&B's website and their Soundcloud.

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