UK Election 2015: Funniest Moments


Written by Ed Rowe
08 Friday 08th May 2015

Rather than dwelling on its painful conclusion, here are some of our favourite moments from this year's  campaign trail.

David Cameron

Lets start with the big guns and the current prime minister David Cameron - the man who thinks a Tesco value loaf costs more than a quid.

Whilst Cameron may have won the election, his campaign was jam-packed full of awkward stumbles and grillings.

Despite avoiding the leaders debates like the plague, he couldn't escape Paxman, who made sure he caught Cameron out on the topic of zero hour contracts:


Natalie Bennett

It’s not easy being green: a fact that Natalie Bennett  discovered when going head to head with Nick Ferrai regarding the Green Party's housing policy. Four and a half minutes in is when Bennett goes blank:


Nigel Farage

For a ‘man of the people’, Farage had his fair share of car crash interviews and negative media attention. Can you be surprised when the man argues against immigration whilst being married to a German national? Something isn’t quite right...

His biggest stumble came after he insulted the BBC audience during a televised leaders debate. Luckily Dimbleby was at hand to put old Nige back in his place:


Ed Miliband

The labour leader has had his fair share of cringe-worthy and awkward moments. From his problems with bacon sandwiches to turning into a sex symbol with #millibae trending all over twitter. Whether the latter was damaging or constructive who knows? Poor old Ed has had a hard time of it, so here’s one of the most famous clips of the election, with Milliband standing up to Paxman, Hell Yeah!



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