Valentine Poetry


14 Wednesday 14th February 2018


My Frankenstein

For so long, I built you

Up in my head,

Only fractions of truths,

Bits of you that I read.

I would close my eyes,

You would comfort me,

During low moments,

Protagonist of my fantasy.

Our time together was sporadic,

You wouldn't give me much,

Yet my version of you would grow

Stronger with every touch.

The sex was mediocre,

But your body was warm

Enough to be my saviour,

When I'd be wired at dawn.


I adored the man I'd made,

Yet was aware of inaccuracies,

It made moving on from the 'real' you,

Come with surprising ease.

And move on I had to,

Rather regularly,

What hope did you have?

On my pedestal you'd never be.


One time, it seemed,

I'd moved on for good,

But you snatched me back,

Just because you could,

You gave me more,

Reignited my urge,

When slowly my day dream and you

Began to merge.

You started to do and act

The way you used to in my mind,

The differentiations between the two of you,

Were proving harder to find.

The old version of you I'd invented,

Also began to falter,

As the more we got to know each other,

The myth I'd made began to alter.


Losing a grip on what's real,

I'm terrified of what I've created,

I'm in love with my Frankenstein,

The best man I ever dated.

Now I anxiously await the day,

It'll all fall apart,

The day is surely round the corner,

As my hybrid cannot last,

Once illusions shatter I'll mourn,

All the versions of you in my head,

And then after that I'll have to mourn,

the warm body in my bed.



I'm so furious,

and I'm looking for someone to blame.

I'm enduring this,

but you don't seem to feel the same.


You seem unaffected,

when I'm a nervous wreck,

you are calm and collected,

whereas I'm still trying to protect,


My Pride,

My fucking bloody pride,

I'm worried about the end game,

too much to enjoy the ride


I'm so furious,

because thanks to you, I'm vulnerable,

and the fear of looking foolish,

I'm finding quite insufferable.


Ugh, you're an imbecile,

don't you see what you've done?

good luck getting rid of me,

now cupid's shot me with his gun.


In theory, I know it's not weak to get hurt,

and everyone gets hurt sometimes,

and even if I do get hurt,

eventually I'll probably be fine.


I'm so furious;

as I'm scared of my devotion,

and I would rather get angry,

than deal with my emotions.


I'm so furious,

I was my own person before,

but now you have me,

kneeling on the floor.


No I can't chill out,

and I can't 'be cool',

because I don't give in to feelings,

as a general rule,


To feel is to be vulnerable,

and with that comes risk,

what if these feelings aren't recoverable,

what if I can't come back from it?


you can tell me all you want,

that it's healthy to feel,

and to talk about how we feel,

and to acknowledge said feelings are real,


but don't you see?

I am weak,

and my weakness manifests itself

through my fear of being weak.


So I'll pretend and say I'm fine,

-I am fine I swear!

hopefully I'll convince me or you,

until I no longer care.




Content, warm, at peace.

Rounded, Settled, Satisfied,


Loved, lethargic,


Whole, safe, drowsy,


Foggy, fuzzy, improved.

Burnt tongue, stuffed tum,

All the better as the fast releasing carb energy is yet to come.



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