VIDEO DEBUT: Three London Planes - Imagination Dies


Written by Sandy Hagenbach
12 Friday 12th June 2015

We have been following the group since hearing them on BBC introducing where they were described as “Absolutely amazing… Three London Planes are not afraid to mix up the content and throw in a diversity of sound and feel,” which hits the nail right on the head.

Endlessly inventive they have crafted three EPs over the past year, each one growing in skill and complexity, yet masked by an easily infectious simplicity that allows any listener to get lost in the secret, untouched world they have created.

We are very happy to have been given the opportunity to premiere the slick new video for their track Imagination Dies which weaves a subtle story that features no prominent beginning middle or end, using powerful imagery and detail to reveal a stark narrative.

Director Nick Hearst at Talking Lizard had his work cut out trying to put something together that would do justice to such a moody piece, which adheres to no strict time signature and follows no conventional structure. These stylistic traits were in part influenced by Radiohead’s Amnesiac and enhance the emotion of the lyrical content using suspense and delayed resolution. The video reflects this using the notion of absence, with a modern stripped-back black and white feel that slowly melts into beautiful colour.


Three London Planes upcoming shows:

 Friday June 19th @ Mr Wolf’s Bristol with Beyond Rivers

Glastonbury Festival with the People’s Front Room

Thursday 2nd July @ The Canteen Bristol with Hipicat

Saturday 18th July @ Mr Wolf’s with BOMBS and Alba

Shambala Festival with the People’s Front Room

Boomtown Festival with the People’s Front Room

Bestival Festival with the People’s Front Room

Saturday 26th Sept @ The Old Malt House, Bristol


Talking Lizard are a London-based creative team consisting of Sam Morrissey and Nicholas Hearst.

Video Credits:
Director - Nicholas Hearst
Producers - Sam Morrissey & Nicholas Hearst
Director Of Photography - Ilana Garrard 
1st AC - Vincent Weiler
Assistant Director - George Johnson
Starring - Glenn Mortimer

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