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29 Monday 29th November 2010
Drugz. I don't care who you are, I know you've done something sometime. I'm not talking about you proper users, stop giggling. I'm talking about those who get on really well with their parents and love their cat, who don't like to be out too late on a weeknight and can best be described as 'nice'. I can see the guilt in your eyes. That spliff you tried in that guys garden when you were 16, don't pretend you thought it was oregano, naughty.
For most of us, casual drug experimentation is just another part of life. Not as mundane as brushing your teeth but not as rare as having a real conversation with an actual adult. The casual drug of choice tends to be marijuana. Weed, cannabis, grass, 'herbal tea', whatever you want to call it, there aren't many who really regard it as a drug any more. When parents find it in their kid's drawer they're more likely to ask for some than kick them out.
It's not without flaws though. It can make you confused or terrified of something perfectly simple. Late night TV is awash with crazy images to scare the shit out of high people. This of course includes the music channels (the ones that don't turn into porn at one o'clock).
If you feel like having an adventure next time you treat yourself to an eighth, look these music videos up and forget real life:
Starting with the typical, watching Teengirl Fantasy's 'Cheaters' is like looking through one of those cardboard kaleidoscopes every nineties child owned. You become hypnotised watching it tea total, imagine watching it with illegal substances flowing through your veins.
A freaky TV on the TV. Enough said.
There is so much going on in this video. First, kids running around like they're possessed. Children are spooky full stop, and these ones just look manic. They end up in this dimly lit room where they splatter coloured eggs all over the place. Then, inexplicably, warped creatures' faces jump out of the screen, coming for you. The worst thing about this is that it's so random you won't be able to tell whether it's part of the video or if it's all your imagination.
This is especially bad because it even looks normal at first to a substance deficient human. Then it hits you.
Of course, everyone reacts differently and nothing will affect two people in the same way. However, there are some fears we can all share, like siblings finding your stash and taking some without even bloody asking. I can't leave the house any more. 

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