Vincent Moon’s An Island


15 Monday 15th November 2010
 Vincent Moon’s popular Les Concerts à Emporter (Take-Away Shows) provide us with a way of seeing music and artists in a different way. Picking up bands after gigs, he escorts them through the streets and Metro-lines of Paris as they perform impromptu A cappella versions of their hits before rounding the night off with grand sing-alongs on the piano in his small apartment. Unlike generic music videos, they’re raw and pure, untouched by special effects. Simple poetry.
Through La Blogotheque, Moon’s worked with Soema Montenegro and her breathtaking voice, Mumford and Sons and their tear-jerking harmonies, Yeasayer and countless other musicians from all over the globe. The Take-Away Shows present artists performing in their homes, on the street, on the train, anywhere they might find inspiration. Acoustic and instrumental versions of songs we know and interesting, weird tracks we don’t.
Moon’s latest project is a short film called An Island. Collaborating with Efterklang, he and their eight-piece live band met up on a rural Danish island three months ago, in August 2010. Over four days, they collaborated with over 200 local people, including children, and musicians, to re-create the songs from their Magic Chairs album. The aim was to shoot a film that ran the same length as the album, and they used the fresh ideas and interpretations of the songs that the locals had to make an almost entirely new soundtrack.
The film is set to premiere in February 2010, but a preview has just been released, and you can watch it here:
Visit for more information. 

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  • Guest: allytibb
    Tue 07 - Dec - 2010, 16:22
    where was the island this was filmed - anyone know? I want to go...