Visions Festival Is Upon Us


Written by Aisha Nozari
06 Tuesday 06th August 2013

Visions takes place over three venues surrounding London Fields: Oval Space, Netil House and and the London Fields Brewhouse.

The lineup features the likes of Fucked Up, Jeffrey Lewis, Public Service Broadcasting, !!! (Chk Chk Chk) and a bunch of other awesome artists that are guaranteed to bust your balls. There's also an exhibition from illustration label Belly Kids, and a shit load of great food. Oh yeah, and tickets are under £30. These guys can do no wrong.

I recently spoke to the Visions bunch about the whole thing:


So, next week sees the inaugural Visions festival, from what I’ve heard people are getting pretty sweaty with anticipation. Are there any added pressures faced when putting something like Visions on for the first time?

I suppose the pressure is always to do with getting people to come. We had a bit of a head start, having our own networks and audiences but you never know for certain if people are going to dig the idea as much as you do. Luckily we haven't had anyone saying "BOOOOO!" in our comment boxes.

Radfest was one of my favourite festivals ever. I found the whole setup so sleazy and wonderful. In what ways can we expect Visions to build on Radfest, and why did you feel the development was necessary?

Visions expands on the Radfest concept so, it'll be all the sleazy stuff you like but on a bigger scale. We looked for a similar warehouse space as last year but couldn't find anywhere big enough to do want we wanted to do with it. So having the use of three really amazing spaces, all within 10 minutes walk of each other, with cool rooftops and outdoor areas this year adds a bit of a street festival vibe to it.

Radfest’s passion for, and celebration of, London’s DIY scene was a really prominent part of the whole experience I found. Is this an aesthetic that’s been carried forth into Visions?

It's still going to be pretty DIY. Musically with bands like Fucked Up and Primitive Parts but we've also got a specially commissioned exhibition by London based art collective Belly Kids. They'll have all kinds of nightmarish prints and posters and it's nice to have something cool like that for people to see.

I guess Visions is kind of a collaborative festival, in that it’s the brain baby of three of our best promoters: Sexbeat, Bird On The Wire and Rockfeedback. What prompted such a collaboration and how has it affected the process of putting together a festival like Visions?

Well, I think it's because we're similar minded friendly promoters and it kind of made sense for us to put our baby brains together and come up with something a little bit different from what's out there in terms of festivals at the moment. We've all got strengths in different areas as well so that helps a lot when doing something on this scale as it means there's always been a lot of good ideas on the table and we're able to cover as many bases as possible. If it was still just SEXBEAT doing it, I'd have to do all the spreadsheets, which would have been a disaster for everybody concerned.

Alongside being utterly fucking fantastic, the lineup is pretty diverse. How important is diversity for Visions? Is it something you’re actively looking to achieve during curation?

The fact that the line up is so diverse helps to bring all our separate audiences together. Hopefully people coming along will stumble on bands they wouldn't necessarily see and that's always good. It's not often you get to go and watch Koreless and Iceage at the same event.

Like Radfest, Visions drags the festival from the field to the urban. I’m pretty stoked on this because I get killer grass rash. But what’s the thought process behind such a decision? I mean there’s a lot of grass in London just waiting to be moshed on. Is it something you feel just suits Visions vibe, or are there deeper ties to location?

Grass rash is the worst! Having it in these locations, Netil House, Oval Space and London Fields Brewhouse, means that we can use the existing set up in interesting ways. Did I mention rooftops? Also, we're not so dependent on the weather for people to have a good time. Rain and grass rash would seriously bum everyone out. Plus bands just sound better inside, don't they?

Is there anything restrictive about planning a one – dayer as oppose to an event that stretches over the weekend?

Well, it makes it a little harder to ensure everyone you want to book is available on the same day but it does mean there won't be any lulls in the schedule.

 I’m also excited to hear we can expect a specially curated exhibition by illustration label Belly Kids. Can you expand on this at all?

Belly Kids create all these gross, rude and hilarious illustrations from Thrill Murray (a Bill Murray colouring book) to their new Magic Book Of Nightmares which is full of demons and severed limbs. You'll be able to see that sort of stuff along with some pieces they've made especially for Visions. "Gruesome and grizzly" are the words I keep hearing. They'll be downstairs at Oval Space.

Can we expect any surprises on the day?

I'm sure !!! (Chk Chk Chk) will have something up their collective sleeves. Other than that, our programme has some awesome material in there for your enjoyment.

How many Lucky Chip burgers are you planning on eating?

I'm not sure yet. I need to consult my doctor first about the correct Lucky Chip burger to margarita ratio and then go from there.



Head over to the Visions site here to find out more and snab some tickets. Also feast your eyes on the lineup below.


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