Written by Johny Chhetri
26 Monday 26th July 2010

This weekend's 1-2-3-4 Shoreditch Festival featured great bands across the line-up. The likes of Trailer Trash Tracys, Veronica Falls and Fucked Up shared the bill with Shunda K, These New Puritans and our top festival find, Bletchley noise troupe Action BeatWavves also played but were left disappointed due to a lack of cooperation from the soundman, which is never helpful.  

Their set was cut short but audience members didn't let a bad soundman and bewildered security guards, who've never heard of people dancing in a crowd, stop them from enjoying the sweet sounds of Wavves. 
With their forthcoming album a welcome departure from the previous fuzz-tinged endeavours, we were eager for an interview with the guys. And for your reading pleasure, we were lucky enough to get an interview with the guys fresh from their set. Let's just say they weren't too happy with a certain somebody.
How has your festival been so far?
Nathan Williams: Man, the sound guy was a real fucking jerk-off, the crowd was great though. But, he cut our show; we only played like 10 minutes.
Billy Hayes: Yeah, we played four or five songs.
NW: Also he wouldn't put drums in my monitor and I couldn't hear anyone else, but the crowd were really awesome.
BH: They seemed to understand that it was fucked up.
Out of all your albums so far, would you say you enjoyed working on the latest one the most? 
NW: No, just different equally. I enjoy recording anything; it's my favourite thing in the world to do besides smoke weed.
How did recording in a studio compare to recording in your room?
NW: It's a lot harder.
Were there certain things you couldn't do in the studio that you felt you could do in your bedroom musically?
NW: Masturbate.
BH: Privately.
What tracks did you enjoy recording the most?
NW: Baseball Cards was my favourite to record I think.
Stephen Pope: Errrrr, I don't remember recording the album at all.
BH: I didn't really like the album that much. Actually, the thong song is my favourite one.
What would you say were your main influences in making the new album? 
BH: Childhood.
NW: Eazy-E.
BH: Smoke-a-hauntus. 
Would you ever re-record Wavves or Wavvves in the studio?
NW: I dunno, I'd be interested to see how it sounds but probably not. The songs are what they are.
BH: Yeah, I think it would be good.
When you last played in London, you had to change your line-up when Zach Hill injured his wrist. You guys had only been playing together for roughly 10 days, but sounded like you had been playing together for 10 years. Would you say Zach Hill's injury was a blessing in disguise?
NW: (laughs) I wouldn't say it was a blessing in disguise. I wanted to play with them way prior to that. We talked about doing it before; it's just that the opportunity never came up. So it was cool when it happened, I mean it's not cool when Zach broke his hand but it was cool when Billy and Stephen joining the band happened.
Do you still work with Zach Hill?
NW: Not really, we just kinda did that tour and the record together and that's all we ever set out to really do. He's constantly busy with seven other bands anyway.
You're touring Europe, are you happy to being in Europe again?
NW: Yeah, I'm happy to be in London again, last night at Cargo was really fun. I always like coming back to London.
Any future plans?
NW: Touring until February basically. 
Last time I asked you for some advice you said, “Kill your parents. Kill your mom and then watch your dad watch you kill your mom again on video.” Anything different to advise the kids now? 
NW: That seems pretty good…
BH: Suck the baby's blood at the end. And if you're the baby, suck your own blood. So if you're the youngest person around yourself you have to drink your own blood, but if there's a baby or you're the elder you control the blood supply.
SP: That's why we drink Nathan's blood.
NW: That's why they drink my blood 'cos I'm a baby.
Wavves' new album King of the Beach is available from August 3.


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