We Are FSTVL: An Amateur Review


13 Thursday 13th June 2013

“Why is he apologising, what's he done now?” you ask. Well, the reason for the apology is that this article was meant to be posted about 2 weeks ago (not that any of you knew that), but I have just been too damn busy with actual, genuine work to give it a seconds notice.

So, without further ado, lets get this rolling because I am only giving myself 20 minutes + procrastination time to get it done and dusted.

As it was their first year, We Are FSTVL can be very proud, minus the hate-mail received by the wider community regarding the “cultural insensitivity” of selling headdresses to the masses of drunk, high and god knows what else attending

The main stage (hosted by Cocoon Heroes) was headlined by Cocoon founder Sven Väth, accompanied by Ricardo Villalobos, Martinez & Sascha Dive, It was surprising to see that it took so long to get going, but once it did, oh boy! 

It was a stage created for that specific type of house fan (you know the one I mean) that  consisted of top-notch visuals, promiscuous dancing/grinding and a whole lot of confetti! 

Despite the fact that I find it very hard to pay too much attention this type of house, the only negative feedback I have about the main stage was that it closed at 10pm.......dafuq?

However, the other stages and tents fulfilled their duties to the party masses and carried on. 

I would be lying to you if I said that I paid much notice to the stages that really didn’t appeal to my musical pallet. I spent quite a bit of time in the Speakerbox tent which was surprisingly large given the fact that it seemed to be the ‘odd one out’. It struggled to fill up at times, but as always, P Money saved the day with another great performance. I somehow managed to miss Rudimental, which I am epically pissed off about seeming as I am a Hackney boy myself and I've never seen them live. Oh well, life goes on. I was leaving, and so was the rest of the crowd (which I thought was quite unfair) just as B-Traits was coming on, but I had - what I considered - more important things to attend to.

Now, the Mulletover stage, I honestly don’t know where to begin. The line-up was (cue Garry Barlow voice over) absolutely fantastic! If it wasn’t for working responsibilities, I would have shut up shop and happily camped at the front for the day. The line-up consisted of Kerri Chandler, Joy Orbison, Boddika, Huxley, Maxxi Soundsystem, Waifs And Strays, and the Mulletover founder Geddes. Call me what you like, but I was a dribbling mess when I saw this line-up and I happily confirm that for about the last 4 hours, I was a groupie on the side of the stage dancing to my hearts content.

Kerri Chandler was on too early for my liking, but Boddika followed by Joy Orbison was definitely the highlight of my day. Their sets had me feeling like a 16-year-old on MDMA for the first time, to which I would like to add, I was NOT!

All-in-all it was a great day out, a shufflers’ paradise, and We Are FSTVL can be proud of what they have achieved. Next year I'd like to see a few more bars and toilets, but that would still not stop me from recommending it for next year.

Check out the video below, filled with footage taken throughout the day on a diet consisting of nothing but a few sausage rolls and a shit load of free booze, AMEN!

We Are FSTVL - Don't Panic Magazine from Max Barlow on Vimeo.

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